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The world’s smallest continent, but one that absolutely crams in a variety of culture, rich cuisine and history, you could spend years in Europe and fail to be bored. Whether you’re exploring the beautiful beaches of southern Italy, the bustling capitals of London, Paris and Berlin, or the staggeringly beautiful Norwegian fjords. There’s so much to explore on this continent. Let’s get stuck in!

Two Weeks in France Itinerary for Culture and History Lovers

France has a lot to offer. There are epic nature spots all over the country, and the whole place is soaked in history – from Roman ruins to Renaissance Cathedrals to cultural French cities. The historical centres are always really well preserved and will make you feel like you’re going back in time! This 2 […]

Is Bristol Really the Vegan Capital of the World?

It’s no secret how much I love Bristol. If you have read any of my older blog posts, or follow me on Instagram, you’ll know I’m damn right obsessed with the place. Like, so obsessed it’s a little creepy and I hope Bristol doesn’t get freaked out. Bristol is just so many levels of awesome. […]

Where to Stay in Bristol: Bumper Bristol Accommodation Guide

It’s no secret how much I love Bristol – I’ve been around the world (I’m repressing the urge to break into Lisa Stansfield lyrics here) and it’s still my favourite city. Yes, from travels over all six continents, Bristol still comes out number one. It might have some sentimental attachment for me, but trust me, […]

Switzerland by Rail: How to Take the Ultimate Switzerland Train Trip

Switzerland is famous for many things, but my favorite is probably the country’s extensive, high-quality and always on-time rail network. Whether you’re catching an express service from Zurich to Geneva or a local train connecting two towns no one has ever heard of, you can be sure of a safe, speedy and enjoyable journey. Simply […]

The Best Road Trips in Central and Eastern Europe

I’m back with another best road trips in Europe post – and this time, we’re venturing east! With the help of fellow travel bloggers, I’ve put together a list of the best road trips in central and eastern Europe (including the road trips in the Balkans). If you’re new here, I’m basically covering the whole […]

The Best London Itinerary: 4 Days in the British Capital

London’s a city that every travel-lover has to visit at some point in their lives (and somewhere I should stop taking for granted). It’s got nearly everything you’d want in a city: history, culture, good food, nightlife, entertainment in all shapes and sizes and attractions for literally anyone. The only thing we’re missing in ol […]

Cheap Hotels in Bath City Centre

Bath is a world-famous city. It’s absolutely drenched in history, with fascinating tales from Roman times to the present day. It has fascinating Roman baths, a beautiful Abbey which was the site of the coronation of the first king of all of England, and gorgeous Georgian architecture. The Romans found the natural spas there and […]

The Best Road Trips in the UK and Ireland

There’s something special about road tripping. Packing up the car with everything you need for a few days and hitting that open road has a real magic to it – and it’s something that made me love travelling in Australia. So much so that I road tripped around the continent for 8 months solid. But […]