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Are Capsule Hotels in Singapore Good To Stay In?

DID YOU KNOW? Capsule hotels are the new 5* hotels.  Ok, I may have just made that up (and tbh, would rather stay in the iconic Marina Bay Sands Hotel than any capsule hotel). BUT Capsule Hotels in Singapore are pretty awesome. I recently stayed in two while visiting Singapore, and I highly recommend them. […]

Bali to London Overland: South East Asia Recap

Let’s not talk about how overdue this post is, but I’d like to introduce you to my Bali to London overland series, with this South East Asia recap! So, to bring you up to speed, I’m travelling from Bali to London without flying. I will be taking a few boats (it’s hard not to when […]

Amazing Things to do in Little India, Singapore

One of the most vibrant areas of Singapore, Little India is an authentic collection of streets bursting with life. There’s so much to do here – from museums to buildings to eating to your heart’s content, which is why it has an important spot on a Singapore itinerary. Are you enticed? Read on… Why I […]

Singapore On A Budget: It’s Possible. Here’s How.

Wanna hear a secret? Singapore on a budget is possible. I promise. I’ve done it twice! So after my recent visit, I thought I’d write this Singapore budget travel guide to help anyone else visiting the supposed ‘most expensive city in the world’ and worried about its costs. You can still enjoy travel in Singapore […]

Two Days in Singapore Itinerary for First Timers

Singapore as a city definitely took me by surprise. A lot of people are very skeptical about including Singapore in their South East Asian itineraries, mainly due to concerns about it being expensive and thinking its small size means there isn’t much to do there. Admittedly, the first time I visited Singapore, I didn’t land there […]