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Reasons Why It’s More Fun in the Philippines

An archipelago of over 7,000 islands, sitting to the east of South East Asia, tourism to the Philippines is increasing. But it still doesn’t get quite the same amount of tourist attention as Thailand, Indonesia or Vietnam.  This is going to change though. People are starting to realise how wonderful the Phillippines is, and how […]

Panay Itinerary: How to See the Best of Panay Island

The archipelago of the Philippines is a corner of South East Asia that’s strikingly different from anywhere else on the continent. The unique fusion of Spanish, Chinese, American and Native cultures make it really a place of its own. Despite travelling around a lot of South East Asia over the last three years, I’d never […]

Is Boracay Worth Visiting in 2021?

Boracay is one of the most famous islands in the Philippines. Its beaches and sunsets are legendary, and it’s this that attracted a range of tourists, from backpackers to luxury travellers, over the years.  It’s a stellar example of being a victim of its own success, however, as more and more travellers sadly meant more […]

Diving in Bohol: What You Need to Know

With more than 7,000 islands – and they’re finding new ones all the time – the Philippines is certainly not short of tropical beaches. And where there are tropical beaches, there’s often amazing diving. The Philippines is no exception to this. There are plenty of amazing places to dive in the Philippines – and the […]

Supporting Eco-Tourism in the Phillippines

The Philippines is well known for its stunning natural beauty; with superb beaches, amazing wildlife, and blue waters. There are islands and waterfalls dotted with mountains and greenery, which are a natural pull for tourists from all over the globe. But with time and over-exposure, these natural resources have been harmed and are now at […]

Two Week Philippines Itinerary

It wasn’t until a few years ago, when three of its islands were dubbed the best in the world, that the Philippines caught the attention of adventurers, beach-goers, and vacationers all over the world. Now, it is definitely well known for its white sand beaches, crystal blue waters, fantastic dive sites, and beautiful sunsets. However, because the Philippines […]