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Is Tunisia worth visiting? (reasons to visit Tunisia)

Sousse Medina, with lots of colourful plates and bowls.

A glittering coastline spanning most of the country, desert inland, ancient UNESCO sites and delectable local food – yes, Tunisia’s worth visiting! In fact, I think this North African country’s a real gem – and if you enjoy exploring this part of the world, you shouldn’t miss it.  Tunisia’s easy to reach from Europe, it […]

Is Tunisia safe? My experience in the North African country

El Jem in Tunisia, an ancient Roman ampitheatre with a camel in front.

Is Tunisia safe for travel? We’ll go into it in this article! It may be the smallest country in North Africa, but Tunisia’s packed with UNESCO World Heritage Sites and thousands of years of history.  Not to mention the beaches – Tunisia boasts a stunning Mediterranean coastline, and that coupled with warm weather and cheaper […]

Is Hurghada safe? My personal experience from 2023

Sitting on Egypt’s Red Sea, Hurghada’s a popular coastal resort for diving and beach holidays.  But is it safe to travel to Hurghada? What’s it like for families or solo travellers?  I recently visited Hurghada, and here’s my thoughts on its safety based on my personal experience.  Is Hurghada safe?  Yes, I would deem Hurghada […]

Is Cairo Safe? My Personal Travel Tips and Experiences

The Sphinx and a pyramid in the background, close to Giza in Cairo

Cairo is a lot of things. Hot, dusty, noisy, overwhelming… but is it safe?  Generally, while there’s a lot going on in the city, it’s a safe place for travel. However, there’s plenty to be mindful of, especially if you’re visiting as a solo female traveller.  I’ve visited Cairo twice; once when I was a […]

Two Days in Tunis Itinerary: Tunisia’s fascinating capital

Are you looking for a two days in Tunis itinerary? Look no further – I recently collaborated with the tourism board in Tunis to create a fantastic, action-packed itinerary for travellers to the city. The sprawling, historic city of Tunis isn’t as well-known as other North African metropolises like Marrakech and Cairo, but it’s incredibly […]

How to take louages in Tunisia: Tunisian shared taxis

Louage in Tunisia

Louages in Tunisia are probably the most efficient way to explore the North African country. There’s not much information about taking them online, so I thought If’d write this blog post explaining how to take shared taxis in Tunisia! You can use louages to travel between cities in Tunisia; this post is based on my […]

The Perfect Two Week Namibia Road Trip Itinerary

There’s nothing like the sense of freedom that you feel when on a road trip, the car bounding through the constantly changing wilderness along a winding gravel path that looks like it could lead to nowhere. Small towns are few and far between, popping up every now and then to give you a taster of […]