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Is Senegal safe to visit in 2024? My personal experience

Are you wondering is Senegal safe? Read on, as we go through safety in this African nation. The West African country of Senegal has just started to make moves on the tourist scene.  A once little-visited nation, it’s becoming increasingly well-known for its golden beaches, lush mangroves and action-packed wildlife reserves with several African beasts […]

Is Egypt worth visiting? Yes.. and no!

Claire standing in front of the pyramids of Giza which sit in the middle of a desert in Egypt

Is Egypt worth visiting? Here’s my completely honest opinion, after visiting Egypt four times.  Ancient pyramids rising sharply up into the sky, city centres brimming with a cacophony of horns, Red Sea beaches and the River Nile splitting the country in two; Egypt’s long been known as a traveller’s paradise.  But while Egypt has a […]