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Climbing Kilimanjaro guide: everything you need to know

View of Mount Kilimanjaro

Soaring to 5,895 meters, Mount Kilimanjaro is not only Africa’s tallest peak but also the world’s highest free-standing mountain. Located in northeastern Tanzania, this iconic summit draws thousands of travellers from across the globe each year – eager to conquer its heights and witness the stunning vistas from above the clouds. Being one of the […]

Is Senegal safe to visit in 2024? My personal experience

Are you wondering is Senegal safe? Read on, as we go through safety in this African nation. The West African country of Senegal has just started to make moves on the tourist scene.  A once little-visited nation, it’s becoming increasingly well-known for its golden beaches, lush mangroves and action-packed wildlife reserves with several African beasts […]