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6 Useful Pieces of Advice for People who are Constantly on the Road

When you’re constantly traveling, whether for business or leisure, you need to keep track of a multitude of things to make sure your time on the road goes smoothly. Unless you’re an experienced traveler, getting used to the absence of stagnancy or being anchored to one place can be challenging. And, of course, keeping up […]

How to Always Get Medical Care When Travelling

There’s no doubt that travelling is filled with highs. Whether they be literal – like climbing mountains or skydiving, emotional – like managing to conquer inner struggles and do things you never thought you would, or little highs like successfully doing laundry or finding an amazing local dish you love. There are so many highs […]

Tips for Managing Anxiety When Travelling

One of my biggest passions is campaigning for mental health awareness. As someone who struggles with mental health issues, I know how important it is that we address and treat these conditions. But the thing is, I travel. I’ve built a blog and a career from travelling, which means that I do still travel even […]

Backpacking Australia? Here’s Everything You’ll Need to Know

G’day mate! Are you backpacking Australia sometime soon? Fantastic life choice- the land down under is a wonderful place to visit. I spent a year and a half there, driving around near enough the whole country, and I’d return in a heartbeat if I could. Australia is a great country for first time backpackers to […]

100 Quick Sustainable Travel Tips

Travelling is great for a lot of things. Open-mindedness, confidence, education.. travel is in many ways the greatest teacher and biggest personality builder. But one thing travel isn’t naturally amazing for is the environment. From the actual act of travelling, to staying in hotels and making use of their often detrimental services, to creating the […]