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Why visit Iceland? Top reasons to take a trip in 2023

sunset in Iceland

Why visit Iceland? This island nation, sitting in the midst of the North Atlantic, straddles two continental plates (Europe and North America).  What does this mean? The rugged landscape is dotted with volcanoes and crevices, and its subarctic climate lends to glaciers and mountains.  It’s easy to see and understand the best reasons to visit […]

How to get from London to Paris (2023 guide)

Claire on the Eurostar

If you’re wondering how to get from London to Paris, this article’s for you! The glittering capitals of London and Paris have long been bucket list destinations for keen Europe travellers. Both cities boast history and culture; but, despite their relatively short distance from one another, their atmosphere and way of life can starkly contrast. […]

Is Tunisia worth visiting? (reasons to visit Tunisia)

Sousse Medina, with lots of colourful plates and bowls.

A glittering coastline spanning most of the country, desert inland, ancient UNESCO sites and delectable local food – yes, Tunisia’s worth visiting! In fact, I think this North African country’s a real gem – and if you enjoy exploring this part of the world, you shouldn’t miss it.  Tunisia’s easy to reach from Europe, it […]

The best road trip in Tasmania itinerary (2023 guide)

Are you looking for the ultimate road trip Tasmania itinerary? The small Australian island is jam-packed full of enchanting waterfalls, mountains screaming out to be climbed and many of Australia’s best trails to explore. You’ll probably feel a bit overwhelmed at all of the things to do in Tasmania at first; which is where this Tasmania […]

Is Liechtenstein worth visiting in 2023?

Claire at Vaduz castle with a Liechtenstein flag. She's in the left side of the picture, smiling and holding the flag, and the castle is on the right.

The sixth-smallest country in the world, Liechtenstein is so minute that many people have never heard of it.  In fact, it’s one of the least visited countries in Europe.  But curious travellers may find themselves drawn to this tiny nation that’s completely sandwiched by Austria and Switzerland.  Why does it exist? What’s it like? And […]

Is Tunisia safe? My experience in the North African country

El Jem in Tunisia, an ancient Roman ampitheatre with a camel in front.

Is Tunisia safe for travel? We’ll go into it in this article! It may be the smallest country in North Africa, but Tunisia’s packed with UNESCO World Heritage Sites and thousands of years of history.  Not to mention the beaches – Tunisia boasts a stunning Mediterranean coastline, and that coupled with warm weather and cheaper […]

Is Hurghada safe? My personal experience from 2023

Sitting on Egypt’s Red Sea, Hurghada’s a popular coastal resort for diving and beach holidays.  But is it safe to travel to Hurghada? What’s it like for families or solo travellers?  I recently visited Hurghada, and here’s my thoughts on its safety based on my personal experience.  Is Hurghada safe?  Yes, I would deem Hurghada […]