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Is Turkey safe? Advice for travelling to Turkey from my 6 trips

A woman standing on a rocky cliff, looking out over a beautiful bay with boats and small islands.

Is Turkey safe? Generally, yes! I’ve travelled the length and breadth of Turkey, and I have honestly never felt unsafe here.  I’ve also spent time as a solo female traveller in Turkey, and with usual precautions, never found it too challenging to travel.  Here are all my thoughts on safety in Turkey! Is Turkey safe?  […]

Is Kathmandu worth visiting? Reasons to visit Nepal’s capital

KATHMANDU, NEPAL - JUNE 2013: Patan Durbar Square

If you’re planning a trip to Nepal, you might be wondering “is Kathmandu worth visiting”?  Kathmandu, the buzzing capital of Nepal, is an assault on the senses.  Horns penetrate the air day and night, you’ll constantly be weaving in and out of traffic, smelling curry from streetside restaurants and admiring brightly coloured prayer flags strung […]

15 top things to do in Kathmandu, Nepal

A magnificent view of a white stupa adorned with gold, surrounded by colorful prayer flags against a partially cloudy sky.

Looking for the top things to do in Kathmandu? Here’s a full guide from my recent trip! Kathmandu’s an effervescent city. All day and most of the night, you’ll hear the buzz of motorcycles in the street, accompanied by bright prayer flags fluttering from virtually every building, the smell of momos (local dumplings) meeting your […]