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Things to do in Don Det and Don Khon: Laos’ 4000 Islands

The Mekong River is the life and soul of South East Asia. It’s crucial for much of the trade in the region and connects all of the neighbouring countries. It acts as country borders, is home to floating markets, and is vital for transportation in some areas. But, fun fact – it’s actually home to […]

How to do the Thakhek Loop with No Motorbike

Not so fun fact: I’m terrified of driving a motorbike. I only learnt to ride a bicycle properly very recently, and although I managed to drive around the whole of Australia in a car, the thought of controlling a bike going at 60-70 kmph is absolutely terrifying. But in Asia, everyone rides motorbikes. It’s just […]

3 Days in Luang Prabang Itinerary

Luang Prabang is Laos’ ancient, religious city and is somewhere that I really took to. It’s a popular city in Laos, and is visited by most of the travellers who pass through, but it still manages to be completely authentic and doesn’t feel too tourist trodden. It’s home to religious buildings and traditional rituals, museums, […]

Complete Laos Itinerary for the Whole Country

Much of South East Asia is already very well explored. Everyone knows about Bangkok, Bali and the Vietnamese coastal route (although it’s still very easy to get off the beaten track in these places!). But somewhere that’s not given nearly enough credit is Laos. Laos does have a position on the ‘banana pancake trail’, but […]

How Not To Go Hiking in Vang Vieng

Oh Vang Vieng… how I hated you. Don’t get my wrong, the place is pretty – far away from the main strip, that is. Vang Vieng is the worst kind of backpacker town – one where boozed up Westerners flock the main street, seemingly day and night, and save for restaurants offering curries, there isn’t […]