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Complete Laos Itinerary for the Whole Country

Much of South East Asia is already very well explored. Everyone knows about Bangkok, Bali and the Vietnamese coastal route (although it’s still very easy to get off the beaten track in these places!). But somewhere that’s not given nearly enough credit is Laos. Laos does have a position on…

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How Not To Go Hiking in Vang Vieng

Oh Vang Vieng… how I hated you. Don’t get my wrong, the place is pretty – far away from the main strip, that is. Vang Vieng is the worst kind of backpacker town – one where boozed up Westerners flock the main street, seemingly day and night, and save for…

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The Best Things to do in Savannakhet, Laos

Not many tourists make it to Savannakhet in Laos. It’s kind of midway between the tubing of Vang Vieng and the chilled 4,000 islands; meaning many travellers skip past it on a night bus or don’t even go to through part of the country. Now, while I think it would…

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