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The world’s smallest continent, but one that absolutely crams in a variety of culture, rich cuisine and history, you could spend years in Europe and fail to be bored. Whether you’re exploring the beautiful beaches of southern Italy, the bustling capitals of London, Paris and Berlin, or the staggeringly beautiful Norwegian fjords. There’s so much to explore on this continent. Let’s get stuck in!

Scuba diving in Malta: How to dive the Cirkewwa Dive Sites

Visit the Cirkewwa Dive Sites in Malta

The sun shone brightly as we hit the road, journeying from Diveshack in Sliema towards Cirkewwa Marine Park, one of Malta’s premier diving destinations.  I was on a diving day trip visiting some of Malta’s underwater highlights; we were heading to the northeastern tip of the island, where, some 30 metres underwater, lay a historic […]

Guide to Norway’s Flåm Railway: Flåm to Bergen Train

Flam railway at Myrdal, the terminus of the line, surrounded by snow

If you’re wondering how to take Norway’s Flåm Railway, I’ve put together my experience with it in this guide! Whether you’re taking the Flåm to Bergen Train or doing a return day trip from the village of Flåm, here’s everything you need to know. “All aboard!” called our railway conductor as we clambered from the […]

10 best things to do in Fjaerland, Norway

Things to do in Fjaerland. Claire stands with an epic fjord backdrop

If you’re looking for the best things to do in Fjaerland, Norway, you’re in the right place! One of Norway’s smaller fjord destinations, Fjaerland may be a petite village, but it packs a punch when it comes to attractions and charisma.  It sits on the Fjærlandsfjorden, so unsurprisingly many of its attractions involve the fjord; […]

Two days in Bergen itinerary: fjords, museums & mountains!

Beautiful orange, red and pink buildings lined along the fjord and with trees on the top

Are you searing for a two days in Bergen itinerary? You’re in the right place! With towering fjord cliffs on either side, the maritime city of Bergen is known for its brightly coloured wooden houses and the scent of seafood in the air.  The second largest city in Norway, Bergen’s cobblestone streets are immediately enticing; […]

A Perfect One Day in Lisbon Itinerary

With a gorgeous coastline, yellow trams clattering through the centre and countless thigh-burning hills, there’s nowhere quite like Lisbon.  Probably my favourite European city, Lisbon is a feast for all the senses. The brightly-coloured streets are a marvel to look at, you’ll hear Fado music brimming from all corners and, when your feet get tired, […]

One day in Barcelona itinerary: 24 hours in the Catalonian capital!

BARCELONA at night

There’s nowhere quite like Barcelona.  The Spanish city is actually the heart of Catalonia, and it’s also renowned for its incredible architecture (largely made by Gaudi) and fun atmosphere.  There are so many things to do in Barcelona – but what if you only have one day? If you’re here on a layover, or just […]

One Day in Edinburgh Itinerary: 24 hours in the Scottish capital!

Edinburgh against sunset with Calton Hill in Scotland

The capital of Scotland, Edinburgh has global fame as a must-see destination in the UK. Known for its historic streets, fairly moody but atmospheric weather and Harry Potter connections, this city is brooding and majestic.  One day in Edinburgh is just about enough time to see the highlights (although more is always better if possible!).  […]

Unusual things to do in Tenerife: volcanoes and bananas!

As my plane slowly started landing at Tenerife South Airport, I took in vistas of a volcanic island fringed by black sand beaches, with the crashing Atlantic waves kissing the shore on every side. It was a beautiful clear day, and I was just about to begin my second trip to the Canary Islands, where […]

How to get from Tirana to Saranda in 2023 (bus routes + times!)

Buses in Albania have historically been a bit of a head-scratcher. Rich, my partner, visited back in 2015, and when we made our way over to the Balkan country from Bari in Italy, he told me plenty of stories of no transport timetables, random bus stops and times spent standing on the side of the […]

How to take the Bari to Durres ferry: Italy to Albania by sea

If you’re an overland traveller exploring Europe, the Italy to Albania ferry is almost a rite of passage. It takes you from the historic, beachy Italian region of Puglia to the heart of the Balkans, within striking distance of Albania’s capital, Tirana. I personally love an overnight ferry (and fortunately my boyfriend does too!), so […]