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How to Travel from Mongolia to Kazakhstan by Train

When I was overlanding from Bali to London, I wanted to go to Mongolia, and I wanted to go to Kazakhstan. So I had to find out the best way to get from Mongolia to Kazakhstan, which obviously didn’t involve a flight. Simple, right? Actually, it’s not that easy. On…

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Cheapest Way to From Beijing to Ulaanbaatar in 2019 (Bus and Train)

I’ve spent quite a lot of time travelling by train in China, and I really enjoy it. It’s fast, easy, safe, comfortable and affordable. So I knew how I was going to get to Ulaanbaatar. Train, of course! It’s fast, easy, safe, comfortable… then I looked at prices on Travel…

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Amazing Things to do in Ulaanbaatar

I’m writing this on the Trans-Mongolian train after just over one week in Mongolia. This was pretty much all spent in Ulaanbaatar (with a two day trip in a nearby national park), the capital. “What do you do with one week in Ulaanbaatar?!” I hear you ask. One week in…

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