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7 Things to Know About Living in Romania

Vampires? No. Fast Internet? Yes. Incredible food? Yes. Skiing in the Carpathian Mountains and swimming in the Black Sea only a drive away? Yes, and yes. Friendly people, who are ready to introduce you to the bustling nightlife? Absolutely! Living in Romania is an adventure.  The country is the gateway to the Orient and the […]

9 Beautiful Castles in Romania

There are so many draws to visiting Romania. It’s a place with spectacular nature, delicious food and wine, and the entire country is absolutely awash with a spectacular history. Plenty of this Ancient history can be discovered in Romania’s many castles. Romania’s borders have been fluid and ever-changing throughout its past, so plenty of historical […]

Communist Bucharest: Places to Visit to Learn About its History

“This is where the revolution happened”, my guide said. “If you walk over here, you can see the bullet holes in the building”. We had just come to the end of a guided tour of communist Bucharest; and I had learned so much information in the past 2 and a half hours that I’d never […]