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Is Turkey safe? Advice for travelling to Turkey from my 6 trips

A woman standing on a rocky cliff, looking out over a beautiful bay with boats and small islands.

Is Turkey safe? Generally, yes! I’ve travelled the length and breadth of Turkey, and I have honestly never felt unsafe here.  I’ve also spent time as a solo female traveller in Turkey, and with usual precautions, never found it too challenging to travel.  Here are all my thoughts on safety in Turkey! Is Turkey safe?  […]

Is Cappadocia safe? My thoughts from my visit

Is Cappadocia safe? The Turkish hotspot is loved by tourists.  But the media often paints Turkey, and in turn Cappadocia, out to be much more dangerous than it really is.  Here are my thoughts from my trip to Cappadocia and knowledge from travelling Turkey extensively.  Is Cappadocia safe?  Yes, Cappadocia is chilled out, relaxed and […]

Where to Stay in Istanbul: Taksim or Sultanahmet?

Are you wondering where to stay in Istanbul – Taksim or Sultanahmet? These are two very different neighbourhoods of Turkey’s largest city, both worthy of staying at. Sitting on opposite sides of the Golden Horn, Taksim and Sultanahmet are the two most popular places to stay in Istanbul.  In short, Taksim has a local atmosphere, […]

Things to do in Istanbul in Winter

This blog post contains affiliate links. When you use these links, I get a small commission, with no extra cost to you. This is one of the ways I can keep producing free content! Don’t wait until summer to explore Turkey. While Istanbul and Turkey in general are gorgeous during the warmer months, Istanbul in […]

Reasons to Visit Cappadocia in Winter

Beautiful Cappadocia is one of the best destinations to visit in Turkey, famed for its epic landscapes, fascinating history, and hot air balloons. It attracts travellers, young and old, from all over the world. It’s a relatively easy journey from Istanbul or Ankara and is also quite close to the Mediterranean holiday regions of Turkey, […]

12 Magical Places to visit in Turkey in winter

Turkey is one of my favourite countries. It’s famed for its dreamy beach destinations on the Mediterranean coast and the fascinating metropolis of Istanbul. But honestly, Turkey is so much more. There are so many places in Turkey that you could spend years visiting them. The balloons of Cappadocia, the ruins of Ephesus, and the […]

Taking the Eastern Express Train from Kars to Ankara, Turkey

Travelling by train is my thing. I’ve taken trains all over the world – mainly on my trip from Bali to London with no flights – and it’s without a doubt my favourite way to travel. When planning my Turkey itinerary, I wanted to make sure that I saw as much of the country’s epic […]