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The world’s smallest continent, but one that absolutely crams in a variety of culture, rich cuisine and history, you could spend years in Europe and fail to be bored. Whether you’re exploring the beautiful beaches of southern Italy, the bustling capitals of London, Paris and Berlin, or the staggeringly beautiful Norwegian fjords. There’s so much to explore on this continent. Let’s get stuck in!

Getting around Madeira with no car: it’s easy!

If you’re looking to get around Madeira with no car, this blog post for you! The beautiful volcanic island of Madeira is becoming an increasingly popular destination, particularly among nature lovers. But all Madeira-focused blog posts seem to suggest that you can’t visit the island without a car. After a trip to Madeira with no […]

Is Tallinn safe? My experience as a solo traveller in Estonia

Aerial view of the historic medieval old town of Tallinn covered in snow, showcasing red-roofed buildings, ancient stone towers, and a prominent church spire against a clear blue winter sky

Is Tallinn safe? Here’s my experience and tips for staying safe in the capital city of Estonia! Tallinn, the capital city of Estonia is quickly becoming one of Europe’s top travel destinations. But how can you stay safe in Tallinn? Is there anything you need to know, particularly if you’re a solo female traveller? We’re […]