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The world’s smallest continent, but one that absolutely crams in a variety of culture, rich cuisine and history, you could spend years in Europe and fail to be bored. Whether you’re exploring the beautiful beaches of southern Italy, the bustling capitals of London, Paris and Berlin, or the staggeringly beautiful Norwegian fjords. There’s so much to explore on this continent. Let’s get stuck in!

9 Must-Do Experiences in Wales

I know what you’re thinking when a trip to Wales is suggested. Mountains and castles. Lots of snowy mountains and lots of castles. Strictly, you’re right – Wales is home to an amazing range of mountains, including the superstar of Snowdonia, the walker’s dream of the Brecon Beacons and the fabulously named Sugar Loaf mountain. […]

The Best Places to Visit in Norfolk, UK

Endless stretches of white sandy beaches, twisting salt marshes, ancient forests and the tranquil shallow lakes of the Broads; Norfolk has some of the most beautiful natural landscapes, and therefore some of the best scenic views in the country. You could spend a day inhaling the fresh sea air along Norfolk’s coastline, an Area of […]

3 Days in Rome Itinerary

Rome is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Rome’s main attractions highlight the city’s rich history, archaeological treasures, religious significance and architectural beauty. Rome’s top 2 attractions, the Vatican Museum and the Colosseum, are #37 and #39 on the list of most visited places in the world (both hosting 4 million […]