Is Batumi worth visiting? Reasons to visit!

Is Batumi worth visiting?

Travellers to Georgia often favour the wine regions, mountains and its capital, Tbilisi.

But what about Batumi, its Black Sea city?

I recently spent a few days here, and here are all my thoughts!

Is Batumi worth visiting?

Yes, Batumi is absolutely worth visiting!

There’s a pulsating energy here that’s hard to put your finger on.

The historic charm meshes seamlessly with bold modernity, and the rich gastronomy can be found on every street corner.

Then, there’s the inviting Black Sea coastline and the eclectic mix of architecture. And it’s all in the shadow of Adjara’s alluring mountains, which are ideal for day trips from the city.

Reasons to visit Batumi

The main reasons to visit Batumi are:

  • Food
  • History
  • Black Sea Coastline
  • Architecture
  • Casinos
  • Nearby mountains
  • Wine
  • Excellent hotels

Let’s take a look at all of these in a bit more detail.


The first thing that you’ll hear whispers of when it comes to Batumi cuisine is Adjara khachapuri.

This is a boat-shaped bread filled with bubbling cheese and a perfectly runny egg (although, if you’re not an egg fan like me, you can have it without!). This dish has become popular all over the country and in Georgian restaurants around the world, but it comes from Adjara, Batumi’s region, originally!

There’s plenty more on offer in Batumi’s restaurants – try tangy, walnut-infused pkhali and hearty, nourishing lobio soup.

We ate at Bern Restaurant which served up local specialities in a relaxed setting. The only disappointment was that they didn’t serve up any vegetarian khinkali – we had to go to Tbilisi for that!


Batumi served as a strategic port and trading post throughout various empires.

Its significance grew under Roman and later Byzantine rule, only to transform under the Ottomans for 150 years. It was then part of the Russian Empire and later USSR before Georgia became independent.

Fast forward to today, and this city’s history is palpable in its diverse architecture and museums.

If you want to explore Batumi’s rich past, head to the Gonio Fortress which offers a glimpse into ancient Roman engineering, while the Batumi Archaeological Museum houses relics that narrate the city’s evolution through the ages.

Black Sea coastline

Batumi is right on the Black Sea coast, and while it’s not quite as dramatic and compelling as the med, this part of Georgia is still well worth visiting!

Right in the city, you’ll find a 7 km long boulevard stretching along the shore, plus some hidden beaches as you venture out of the city centre.

The Black Sea is known for its warm waters; we were told you can comfortably swim here until the end of October!


One of my favourite things about Batumi was its range of funky buildings!

Notably, the Alphabet Tower has characters from Georgia’s unique alphabet wrapped around it and a restaurant on the top.

Then there’s the Batumi Technological University Tower which has a ferris wheel actually in the building!


Batumi’s often known as the “Las Vegas of the Black Sea“; it’s largely popular with Turkish tourists who cross the border to visit its many casinos!

If you do want to take a whirl on them there are plenty of opportunities to while in the city.

But that said, there’s plenty in Batumi other than casinos, and it’s a disservice to the city to just call it a “gambling destination” – which is why when I was in Batumi, I focused on finding other attractions!

Nearby mountains

Batumi sits in the shadow of the gorgeous mountains of Adjara. While walking around the city, you’ll see the peaks soaring above you.

But, of course, you can venture into the mountains themselves!

One of the easiest hikes from Batumi is the Gonio Cross Trail, which is between the city and the Turkish border. We didn’t have a chance to do this hike when we were in the city, although we would have loved to had we had more time (and the weather been better!).

You can see some other hiking trails on Komoot.

There’s skiing in Adjara too! The Goderdzi Resort is around a 3.5 hour drive away; although public transport doesn’t run in the winter, so you’ll need to find a driver with a 4×4 vehicle to get you there.

In all honesty, it might be easier to head to Tbilisi and get up to Gudauri for skiing!


Girl sitting at a table with many glasses of wine in front of her

Like many places in Georgia, Batumi is a wonderful spot to try some local wine!

We went to Midi Wine Bar where we enjoyed a wine tasting (costing us 30 GEL per person for three wines).

We sat down with the bartender and tried a few different red and white wines – and she explained the different qualities of each.

These wines were from all over Georgia, but the Adjara region does produce its own wine, too!

We even got an extra glass of wine here, from a local who’d brought wine from his vineyard into the bar for everyone to try. This happens a lot in Georgia!

Excellent hotels

Due to Batumi’s presence on the global tourist scene (largely thanks to its casinos and growing real estate market!) there are a fair few excellent hotels.

We stayed in Rooms Hotel Batumi and I’d highly recommend it.

Rooms were minimalist and modern, with super comfy beds and luxurious yet hip design.

There’s a downstairs restaurant which offers global food (you’ll have to go elsewhere for Georgian classics, though) along with a bar and plenty of relaxation areas.

It’s right in the heart of the city, steps from the beach and not far at all from Europe square.

Plus, Rooms is a Georgian-owned brand, with hotels in Tbilisi, Kazbegi and Kokhta.

Considerations for visiting Batumi

While I think that Batumi is a city that’s definitely worth your time, here are a few things to bear in mind when planning a trip here!

Winter weather

We visited Batumi at the end of January and the weather could have been better!

Unlike its vibrant, sunny summers, Batumi’s winters are mild but can be quite rainy and overcast, with temperatures averaging around 5-10°C (41-50°F).

The subtropical climate ensures it rarely experiences severe cold or snow, but when we were there, the rain was intense!

We were unlucky with the weather – apparently, the week before was gorgeous – but be aware that it can be cold and rainy if you do visit Batumi in winter!

How to get there

Batumi isn’t too difficult to reach, but the city itself doesn’t have an airport.

Most tourists to Batumi land at Kutaisi International Airport and then make the 90 minute journey to Batumi.

You can also reach it by taking train or bus from Tbilisi.

Or, cross the border from Turkey – the closest Turkish city is Hopa.

Are you ready to visit Batumi?

Batumi has so much more to offer than meets the eye! Hopefully this post has inspired you to visit the city – check out my is Georgia worth visiting post for my thoughts on the country as a whole.

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