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The Best Things to do in Tajikistan

Central Asia is somewhere really special and a place I hope to explore more of. I’ve solo travelled in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan and I hope to see more of this beautiful part of the world very soon! So, when a Tajikistan expert offered to write this blog post for me to show you some of […]

A Quick Guide to the Five Best National Parks in Canada

Canada’s on my mind! While I haven’t visited this beautiful country for a few years, a Canada expert approached me and offered to create this post to help people with their trips. Fully vaccinated people can now go on holiday to Canada, so if you’re interested in visiting in the next few months or years, […]

Living in Italy: Everything You Need to Know

Are you thinking about living in Italy? From its diverse culture, millennia-old history, art, literature, architecture, and fashion, Italy has so much to offer. Also, if you are looking for romance, Venice is its epicentre. Whether you are travelling to Italy for a holiday or relocating to this beautiful land, its diversity in almost every […]

Turkey in Spring: why it’s the best time to visit!

Are you thinking of visiting Turkey in Spring? This blog post will detail why spring is the best time to visit this country, with tips on where to go! Turkey has often been called the “cradle of civilization” and now it is a tourist destination for thousands. The country’s vast diversity, history, and culture can […]

Living in the Netherlands: 12+ things you should know

Are you contemplating living in the Netherlands? Read on for lots of local tips on making the move! The Netherlands is world-famous for Amsterdam and the beauty that the capital has to offer; however, there is so much more to see. When you’re living in the Netherlands, you’ll be able to experience all that the country […]

Planning A Trip to Berlin: Everything You Should Know

Are you planning a trip to Berlin? If so, I’ve got some tips for you! I visited Berlin for the first time in my adult life in 2019, and ended up loving the city so much I stayed for almost three weeks! You don’t need that long in the city, though – I was rushing […]

What to Pack on a Multi-Day Hiking Trip

Throughout the last year, more and more people have started to realise the joys of walking.During lockdowns, a weekend walk would be an exciting activity – and as we couldn’t travel, lotsof people discovered beautiful nature spots close to home! As we are leaving lockdown, many people still don’t want to give up hiking. I’m […]