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Is Egypt worth visiting? Yes.. and no!

Claire standing in front of the pyramids of Giza which sit in the middle of a desert in Egypt

Is Egypt worth visiting? Here’s my completely honest opinion, after visiting Egypt four times.  Ancient pyramids rising sharply up into the sky, city centres brimming with a cacophony of horns, Red Sea beaches and the River Nile splitting the country in two; Egypt’s long been known as a traveller’s paradise.  But while Egypt has a […]

Is Hurghada safe? My personal experience from 2023

Sitting on Egypt’s Red Sea, Hurghada’s a popular coastal resort for diving and beach holidays.  But is it safe to travel to Hurghada? What’s it like for families or solo travellers?  I recently visited Hurghada, and here’s my thoughts on its safety based on my personal experience.  Is Hurghada safe?  Yes, I would deem Hurghada […]

Is Cairo Safe? My Personal Travel Tips and Experiences

The Sphinx and a pyramid in the background, close to Giza in Cairo

Cairo is a lot of things. Hot, dusty, noisy, overwhelming… but is it safe?  Generally, while there’s a lot going on in the city, it’s a safe place for travel. However, there’s plenty to be mindful of, especially if you’re visiting as a solo female traveller.  I’ve visited Cairo twice; once when I was a […]