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Where to Stay in Bangkok: Super Bangkok Accommodation Guide

Who on earth visits Bangkok seven times in one year? Me, that’s who. It’s South East Asia’s biggest hub, meaning that you’ll probably pass through here more than once on a backpacking adventure around the subcontinent, and it’s definitely a crucial stop on any Thailand itinerary. It’s also the biggest city in the region, and […]

How to Spend A Great Day in Tashkent: Itinerary and Guide

Tashkent, Uzbekistan, definitely is a runner for the city that’s most ‘at a crossroads’ in the world. It’s a city that blends Soviet, Middle Eastern and European features, with some very typical Uzbek features that make it unmistakably unique. It’s Central Asia’s largest city, and while it’s not loved anywhere near as much as Almaty, […]

War Sites in Vietnam to Understand the Nation’s History

Modern Vietnam is famous for many things. Pho, bikes, amazing nature and beautiful architecture are just some of the reasons that tourists flock to this country. It’s firmly on the tourist map of South East Asia, and it absolutely deserves this success. However, there is a side of Vietnam that should be commemorated and remembered. […]

Bali to London Overland: South East Asia Recap

Let’s not talk about how overdue this post is, but I’d like to introduce you to my Bali to London overland series, with this South East Asia recap! So, to bring you up to speed, I’m travelling from Bali to London without flying. I will be taking a few boats (it’s hard not to when […]

2 Weeks in Thailand Itinerary for First-Timers: Perfect for 2020

The kingdom of Thailand has been attracting tourists in their thousands for decades now. It is famed for its beautiful beaches, serene temples, wild jungle, tasty food and lovely people. Thailand is a prime traveller’s destination – it has the perfect mix of conveniences and adventure, as well as something to suit every type of […]

Supporting Eco-Tourism in the Phillippines

The Philippines is well known for its stunning natural beauty; with superb beaches, amazing wildlife, and blue waters. There are islands and waterfalls dotted with mountains and greenery, which are a natural pull for tourists from all over the globe. But with time and over-exposure, these natural resources have been harmed and are now at […]