The Tastiest Vegan Restaurants in Hanoi

If you’ve ever set foot in the effervescent, chaotic city of Hanoi, you’ll know what I mean when I say that it can be a tad overwhelming. Don’t get me wrong, it’s an amazing city, well worthy of a few days on anyone’s Vietnam itinerary. But it can also be extremely confusing. And it will be even more head-scratching if you’re looking for the best vegan restaurants in Hanoi and just can’t work it out.

Happy Cow is my go-to when looking for vegan restaurants in new countries, but in Hanoi there are so many, they all have similar names, and when you arrive you’ll have no idea where to start.

That’s where I come in *superhero music*. I’ve tried and tested quite a few vegan restaurants in Hanoi and I’m here to pass on my wisdom!

The Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Hanoi

Jalus Vegan Kitchen

Nestled in the chaotic back streets of the Old Quarter, Jalus is a peaceful oasis away from the city. It’s a small spot and rarely gets busy – but serves an extensive menu of both Asian and European dishes. It’s my favourite spot for a vegan breakfast in Hanoi, as it serves up a great tofu scramble!

Other dishes include burgers, Asian veg and tofu dishes and one of the best vegan gnocchis that I’ve ever had. It’s worth going just for the gnocchi alone. You’ll also be able to enjoy juices, coffees made with plant milk and more.

Prices are reasonable, pricier than you’ll pay in any Vietnamese restaurant but by no means astronomical.

Find Jalus Vegan Kitchen on Google Maps.

Vegan Bahn Mi Food Truck

The last time I was in Hanoi, I found this WONDERFUL vegan bahn mi store that sold two types of vegan bahn mi. It was super cheap, and amazingly tasty – I ended  up getting two identical ones because they were THAT good!

Find vegan Bahn Mi on Google Maps.

Loving Hut

There are Loving Huts all over the world, but each offers cuisine unique to its location, which I think is pretty cool. That being said, this Au Cao restaurant serves up traditional Vietnamese pho and other dishes, as well as tantalizing spring rolls. They’re so good.

It’s also one of the best places to get a simple tofu and tomatoes dish in Hanoi (which is surprisingly a main that is hard to do right!)

There are seats upstairs and downstairs, and also a little shop that sells vegan products, which is perfect if you’re self-catering a bit in Vietnam.

Find Loving Hut Au Co on Google Maps.

There are various other locations of the Loving Hut in Hanoi.

Bo De Quan

This local restaurant is, I think, my favourite vegan restaurant in Hanoi. It’s run by a family and feels a lot more authentic than many other vegan restaurants – but signs around the restaurant and its Happy Cow reviews will reassure you that it is 100% vegan.

It’s over the road from the Loving Hut, and to be honest my order is always pretty similar – some form of noodle soup, spring rolls and a coconut. (I just love noodle soup, ok?). I can attest that the noodle soup is always 10/10, the coconuts fresh, Hanoi style, and the spring rolls are just out of the oven (or maybe fryer? I need to think back to my spring rolls cooking class that I had in Halong Bay…) and are crumbly, packed of veg, and an absolute delight.

They also have a small buffet where you can get takeaway food. The food is inside a container but it is served cold – I’m guessing that they cook it fresh every morning and then sell it throughout the day.

I’ve eaten this many times and have never got sick – but after my Luang Prabang food poisioning incident, I may be more careful in the future. Nonetheless, this buffet food is delicious and is especially good for a vegan/ vegetarian who is missing meat, as it includes a few fake meats.

This restaurant is very cheap and feels super authentic – definitely check it out while you’re exploring Hanoi!

Click here to find it on Google Maps.

Buddha Chay

A wonderfully scenic restaurant located on the shores of West Lake (Tay Ho), Buddha Chay is an all-vegan eatery serving up curries and soups. It’s always quite quiet, but don’t let that put you off; they have an extensive menu of delicious Asian fare. The curry here is an interesting fusion between Thai and Vietnamese dishes and it’s one of my all-time favourites.

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This small eatery serves up simple yet tasty dishes like bahn mi (Vietnamese sandwiches) and rice and noodle dishes. It’s located close to Ba Dinh Square, making it a good lunch stop after seeing Ho Chi Minh’s mausoleum, house and museum.

Find Lovegan on Google Maps

Vegan Coffee in Hanoi

Coffee culture in Hanoi is quite big; although many of Vietnam’s signature coffees are decidedly un-vegan (Vietnamese egg coffee is very popular!). If you don’t drink dairy milk but like lattes or cappuccinos, it’s important to know that most cafes don’t offer plant milk. Coffee is normally available in the vegan restaurants in Hanoi mentioned above.

However, my favourite place to get a coffee in Hanoi is the Hanoi Social Club, a cafe that does offer plant milk and some vegan menu items as well. The owner speaks great English and is super friendly and the interior is really quirky, plus it’s right in the centre of town.

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Vegan Tours in Hanoi

You don’t need to miss out on food tours and cooking classes in Hanoi just because you’re vegetarian or vegan! The following tours all involve food and are either fully vegetarian/ vegan, or are easily customisable for any herbivore traveller’s needs. A food tour in the country is a must-do for any traveller, even if you’re just spending 10 days in Vietnam.

Backstreet Academy are a fantastic company who bring tourist income to people who need it most, and they offer a veggie and vegan street food tour in Hanoi. Click here for more information.

There is also a cooking class available on Klook (a leading Asia tour company) that offers a vegetarian option (must be indicated at checkout). Click here for more information

Vegan Hanoi

Vietnam is a surprisingly very vegan-friendly destination and you won’t have any trouble finding the best vegan restaurants in Hanoi.

My last trip to Vietnam was part of my Bali to London overland trip. You can learn more about that in the video below…

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