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Supporting Eco-Tourism in the Phillippines

The Philippines is well known for its stunning natural beauty; with superb beaches, amazing wildlife, and blue waters. There are islands and waterfalls dotted with mountains and greenery, which are a natural pull for tourists from all over the globe. But with time and over-exposure, these natural resources have been harmed and are now at […]

Singapore On A Budget: It’s Possible. Here’s How.

Wanna hear a secret? Singapore on a budget is possible. I promise. I’ve done it twice! So after my recent visit, I thought I’d write this Singapore budget travel guide to help anyone else visiting the supposed ‘most expensive city in the world’ and worried about its costs. You can still enjoy travel in Singapore […]

Hiking Mount Bromo Independently: A How-To Guide

I’m currently overlanding the world (well, a good chunk of it at least) from Bali in South East Asia to London, England. So my first point of call was Bali’s neighbour, Java, and its many volcanoes. While in Java, I managed to adopt a ‘travel all day hike all night’ routine, which is exactly what […]