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Everything You Need To Know About Living in Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan is one of those hidden gems that few people, outside the local region, have ever travelled to and a place no one seems to know much about. It’s a beautiful, relatively unexplored country that is worth the effort to spend an extended amount of time. Known as the Switzerland…

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Solo Female Travel in Uzbekistan: Is it safe?

“Do you have anything that is banned?” said an Uzbek security guard, poking his head around my train cabin’s door as I sat waiting, one of the only people on the train who was travelling all the way to Tashkent.  “Nothing banned” I said. He gave my case a cursory…

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Girl looking out over Caspian Sea at sunset

Taking the Caspian Sea Ferry from Aktau to Baku: A Complete Guide

Ring ring… Sdravstvuite…. I mumbled sleepily into the telephone. A rapid monologue in Russian followed, which I deciphered to mean ‘you need to get up’. It was 3am. I stumbled out of bed, turned the light on, and packed my last bits. My contact for the Caspian Sea Ferry (details…

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