How to Be Vegan in Venice

To all my plant-based friends: if you’re anxious about getting vegan food in Venice, do not fret.

The beautiful city, with its canals, churches, and water transport will surprise you.

Although there are not many vegan or vegetarian restaurants here, that doesn’t mean that you can’t get a plant-based meal and enjoy the Italian food that everyone loves, cruelty-free!

It’s easy to get vegan gelato and cheeseless pizza virtually anywhere in Venice (and elsewhere in Italy!), making vegan Italian food not as unattainable as you may originally think. However, if you make an effort, you can enjoy delectable Italian classics in fully veganised versions.

Hundreds and thousands of tourists and travellers visit Venice each year to explore the ancient buildings, maze of bridges and of course to enjoy the gondola rides – and many of them are vegan or vegetarian.

Some Venice tours include food stops where a local will be able to organise a plant-based meal, so taking one of these is a great start to learning about the vegan options in the city.

But before you get to Venice and have a fantastic time on gondolas, exploring the Basilica di San Marco, shopping for Venetian goods, seeing the best family friendly attractions, and everything else that’s on your Venice itinerary, you can enjoy this vegan guide to the city.

To make things easier for travelling vegans in Venice, we’ve put together a list of the best plant-based restaurants and some top tips for first time vegan travellers to Venice.

Vegan Restaurants in Venice

Vegan Pizza, Sandwiches and Mains

  • OKE Pizzeria e Ristorante – Makes use of locally grown organic ingredients and avoids dairy for vegans. Enjoy a yummy vegetable pizza here without the cheese.
  • Le Café – Another fine restaurant in Campo San Stefano with several vegan options on their menu; including bruschetta and vegan pizza.
  • Pizzeria L’Angelo- There are a wide variety of vegan options here, like different pizzas and a variety of sandwiches with vegan cheese.
  • La Zucca- This restaurant has a vast range of vegan options like pasta, soups, vegetable dishes, and desserts.
  • Bio Sound System- The vegetarian restaurant is popular with vegans because of their daily changing menu with tofu and seitan dishes, and their vegan cakes are simply delicious!
  • La Tecia- This is another all-vegan spot that boasts of an all vegan delicious menu. You will love their vegan Lasagna and Ravioli plus the chickpea pancake.
  • Osteria Giogione– Osteria Giogione is another great place to enjoy vegan choices like soup, salad, pasta, and saffron rice.

Indian and Middle Eastern Restaurants

  • Buddha soul Resto– The Indian restaurant has loads of vegan options, and one can enjoy different flavorsome vegan dishes in a friendly restaurant.
  • Ghimel Garden – The Jewish restaurant enjoys a beautiful location and serves a couple of great options for vegans including some great salads.
  • Frary’s– Enjoy Middle Eastern cuisine and you will love their vegan goods like biryani and couscous.

Vegan Gelato and Smoothies

  • Suso Gelatoteca- This is a excellent gelateria to enjoy some fine vegan gelato in a huge range of flavors.
  • Gelateria Chocolat – Not only serving vegan gelato, this gelataria also dishes up vegan waffle cones!
  • Frulalà – This place is awesome if you’re looking for fresh fruit, smoothies, salads, juices, and fruity cocktails!
  • Gelateria Alaska- This gelataria serves a couple of vegan ice creams – their granantine alla frutta is a must- try.

Tips for Travelling Vegan in Venice

  • One of the best vegan Italian dishes which can be found in Venice is Minestra de Pasta e Fagioi which is a pasta and bean Soup. It is completely plant-based and easily available at different places.
  • Even though it is easy to eat vegan in Venice, it’s also a good idea to pack some snacks if you are out all day. Check out this list of recommended vegan protein bars to purchase before you go!
  • For breakfast, vegan croissants and vegan pastries can be found in plenty at various coffee shops.
  • If you want to shop for vegan food products, the grocery stores sell tons of vegan options with the little vegan symbol. Every supermarket has a separate section for vegan products and offers non-daily milk products.
  • Plus, you can take advantage of these amazing vegan restaurants all over. Use HappyCow to do some more research into vegan restaurants in Venice!

With an increasing number of people opting for a vegan diet, it is no surprise that the demand for vegan eateries is rising. Thankfully, Venice has listened to the demand and has opened many vegan eateries. Eating out as a vegan in Venice need not be stressful, once you know where to go and what to eat. Being vegan while travelling is much easier than you may think!

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