Turkey in Spring: why it’s the best time to visit!

Are you thinking of visiting Turkey in Spring?

This blog post will detail why spring is the best time to visit this country, with tips on where to go!

Turkey has often been called the “cradle of civilization” and now it is a tourist destination for thousands.

The country’s vast diversity, history, and culture can be seen in every corner of Turkey.

From ancient ruins to modern-day shopping malls, there are plenty of activities that go with any traveller’s taste.

Springtime weather makes it one of the best times to visit Turkey as well.

One of the things you should know about the country is that it actually has four very distinct seasons, and spring is one of the best!

Here are some tips for visiting Turkey in spring!

e-Visa for Turkey

Turkey eVisa is an official electronic permit that allows travellers to legally enter the country.

This online document is issued by the government of Turkey to citizens from qualified countries.

In the past, everyone not coming from a visa-exempt country had to apply for a Turkey visa at the Embassy.

This was an exhausting and long-lasting process.

Luckily, after the introduction of e-Visa, the whole visa application process was simplified as it can now be completed entirely online.

The requirements include a valid means of payment, a valid passport, and a few supporting documents.

The standard processing time to receive the approved e-visa to Turkey is 72 hours.

However, on average, it takes even less than 20 hours to get the approval.

Why should you plan your trip to Turkey in the spring?

People often say that the best time to visit Turkey is during the summer or winter.

But did you know that there are a lot of advantages to visiting Turkey in the spring?

Have a look at a few reasons why it makes sense for you as a traveller to choose spring as your preferred season to make your Turkish trip.

No Overcrowding

For a pleasant holiday with fewer crowds to worry about, head to Turkey in Spring.

At this time of the year, many European travellers await summer holiday break to go for holiday. Summer means overcrowding in most tourist destinations.

Turkey isn’t an exception and its tourists’ peak season is in summer too.

Turkey warms up in the spring which means that there are plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy, such as hiking, biking and horseback riding.

While Istanbul is busy any time of year – even in winter – you’ll find other tourist destinations to be just getting going in the springtime.

Head to the popular tourist resorts of Antalya and Bodrum to see what I mean!

During this season, you will find locals out at cafes instead of just sitting inside their homes waiting for the sun to come out again.

You’ll have a much more local experience this way!

Great Nature Display

Turkey is a springtime wonderland. The spring in Turkey offers some beautiful, exciting nature and flowers blooming all around you.

In spring, Istanbul blossoms with tulips that are planted on every corner as well as other flower displays seen throughout Taksim Square.

If you want to appreciate the beauty of nature in Turkey, then I recommend you stop by in spring.

Every garden and the surrounding area are bursting with vibrant colours from plant leaves to flower displays.

Animal Diversity

Also, animal diversity is great in spring. If you are visiting for birdwatching, then be ready for a remarkable display.

It’s the mating season and the birds are preparing for breeding.

Therefore, you will be able to encounter both migratory and local birds in various parts of the country.

Wild animals are also out feeding and replenishing lost fat reserves during winter.

So, you should be able to see most of them in open areas due to the good weather and an abundance of food.

Moderate Temperature

The weather is pleasantly warm in Turkey in spring with a mild average temperature both during the day and night. So, you can stay outdoors without worrying about the scorching sun.

The weather isn’t too hot to enjoy outdoor activities, but not too cold that it’s unbearable.

For example, Cappadocia in winter is magical, but it can get really cold!

While it can rain from time to time during spring in Turkey, it doesn’t really affect the spectacular vibes and charm of the spring season.

From plants to animal attractions, it feels like all of them are competing to please you.

You can take photos from whichever angle you prefer!

So, when should you visit Turkey?

Summer brings joy to many as it’s the holiday season, especially in European countries.

However, spring stands out as the best time to visit Turkey. The weather is perfect and the nature display is magnificent.

Further, there are no crowds to ruin your view or stand on your way during a snapshot.

Don’t hesitate anymore, get your Turkish e-Visa for a trouble-free entry to the country and enjoy the springtime in Turkey!