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The Best Group Holiday Destinations in the UK

A getaway with friends and family is a lovely way to holiday. Arranging to meet your nearest and dearest here in England eliminates the hurdles of airport queues, passports and injections – mild headache-inducers for most of us. Those diversions are way less daunting if you are travelling alone or…

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Is Kong Lor Cave Worth the Trip?

When I was planning my Laos trip, one word of solid advice I received was: make sure you go to Kong Lor Cave. Looking at the map of Laos, I saw that while most of my Laos itinerary route hugged the border with Thailand, Kong Lor Cave jutted slightly inland….

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How Cornwall Can Make You Feel Like You’re Not In The UK

Fun fact: I am actually half Cornish. Not exactly earth shattering information, but my family love that area of the country and are always talking about the other-world-like ‘life back West’, so it’s as ingrained into me as much as a more exotic heritage would be. Despite this, I hadn’t…

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