Three Natural Hot Springs for the Perfect Spa Break

Natural hot springs have been a coveted place to go for relaxation on holiday since ancient times. You can find natural hot springs worldwide, from Argentina to the US and many more places. They are a fantastic treat for your body and mind. If you’re looking for a place to go on holiday where you can relax and rejuvenate, then look no further: here are three of the most amazing natural hot springs you should visit!

Blue Lagoon – Iceland

Blue Lagoon

If you’re looking for both adventure and relaxation, then look no further than the Blue Lagoon in Iceland! This natural hot spring is just a 30-minute drive from Keflavik Airport, making it easy to get to and from your holiday accommodation.

This is a gorgeous and special place: in 2012, National Geographic even declared Blue Lagoon a wonder of the world. The lagoon is filled with water that has naturally filtered through lava fields before reaching this location. It comes out of the ground at 38 ºC (100 ºF).

A nearby power plant pumps this temperature down using geothermal energy. That’s right – it’s heated naturally by volcanoes under the ground! It’s safe for you to bathe in these waters as they are tested regularly for bacteria levels and quality. You’ll find yourself surrounded by snow-capped mountains, which will make you feel like you’re in a scene from some ancient movie. You’ll never forget your time relaxing here!

Caldeira Velha – The Azores

Caldeira Velha

You’ll find this fantastic natural hot spring on the island of São Miguel in The Azores. It has been called a ‘gateway to heaven’ by locals, and for a good reason! This place is a dream come true for anyone who loves nature and an
indulgent spa holiday.

You’ll find two pools here – one at 86 degrees Celsius and one at 28 degrees Celsius. The water comes from springs deep inside the earth’s crust, and it hits the surface running at 38 ºC (100 ºF). The temperature of each
of these pools is constantly being regulated by the system so that it’s just right for you.

Aside from soaking in some hot water, there’s also a poolside bar where you can order drinks like coffee, wine, and beer. The bar also serves fresh light meals for those who want something more substantial than water to eat.

Saturnia – Italy


In the heart of Italian Tuscany, just a few kilometres north of Saturnia, lies this amazing natural hot spring. These thermal waters are said to have medicinal properties, and they are rich in minerals such as calcium and sulphur.

There is also a pretty old legend surrounding these springs that date back centuries. It is said that once upon a time, there was an older woman who lived on top of Mount Torto, which overlooks the town.

She used to treat people’s ailments with soft clay taken from the shores of Lake Burano nearby, where she would make little dolls and talismans for her clients. Nowadays you can go to Saturnia Spa and buy some souvenirs for yourself or your friends made from this special clay – or you could even use some of the clay yourself to make your charm.

You can also buy a spa treatment at this place or, if you’re not too fancy, sit on the
shores of Lake Burano and take in its natural beauty!

These hot springs are the epitome of relaxation for anyone looking to get away from it all and let the stresses of the world melt away. Which of these natural hot springs have you been to? If not, which one is on the top of your bucket list now that you know more about them? Let us know in a comment below!

We hope this article has helped and we wish you all the best with your future holiday plans.