Where to Stay in Mexico City: Mexico City Neighbourhoods Guide

There’s something special about Mexico city.

The sprawling beast of a city is one that might not instantly take your breath away – not like Oaxaca – but once you scratch the surface a little, it’s got so much to give. 

It’s the epicentre of Latin culture, somewhere where Hispanic and Aztec histories fuse to create a place that is uniquely itself: Mexico City. 

If you’re reading this, I’m guessing you’ve decided visiting Mexico City is a good idea. Great. I’d recommend reading my Mexico City itinerary (click here, it opens in a new tab so you can read after this post!) as well. 

But for now, you might be wanting some help when researching where to stay in Mexico City.

I can help with that.

I spent a lot of time in Mexico City during my teenage years as my dad lived there, and I’ve since returned to the city three times as a tourist, and am currently spending four months travelling around Mexico where I’ll be visiting CDMX a few more times.

It’s certainly still got a hold of me. So read on, and let’s look into the best areas in Mexico City…

Best Hostels in Mexico City

If you’re looking for a great hostel, here are those that I deem to be the best in Mexico City, from my extensive research and time spent in the city.

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Best Hotels in Mexico City

Don’t have time to look through this whole list of the best hotels in Mexico City?

I’ve done a lot of research and have whittled down a list of the best.

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Where to Stay in Mexico City: Quick Run Down

  • Where to Stay in Mexico City for Culture: Centro Historico
  • Where to Stay in Mexico City for Families: Polanco
  • Where to Stay in Mexico City for Backpackers: Roma or Condesa
  • Where to Stay in Mexico City on a Budget: Coyoacan
  • Where to Stay in Mexico City for Nightlife: Zona Rosa
  • Where to Stay in Mexico City for Luxury: Reforma

Centro Historico: Best Area to Stay in Mexico City for Culture

The historic centre is the best place to stay in Mexico City for culture and, unsurprisingly, history.

Enjoy hundreds of years of history here, as you can see ruins of the ancient Aztec Teotitlan City, as well as beautiful buildings like Palacio de las Bellas Artes, the Cathedral in the Zocolo, and the historic Parque Alameda which has Spanish colonial history.

There are also lots of museums in the vicinity. 

Best attractions in the Centro Historico

  • Palacio de Bellas Artes – a gorgeous art centre and theatre in the heart of the city.
  • Parque Alameda – green space by Bellas Artes, with lots of beautiful monuments and statues. This is where Spaniards would court each other in colonial days. 
  • Teotitlan ruins and the museum of the Aztecs.
  • Torre Latinoamerica – you can go up to the viewing platform at the top for a spectacular vista of the city. 
  • The cathedral in the Zocolo, which is the main square of the city and the largest in Latin America.
  • You can do a fun walking tour around the Centro Historico to learn all about the founding of this city.
  • There are also lots of authentic restaurants in the area, ranging from small taco joints to fine dining Mexican fare.

Pros and Cons of Staying in the Centro Historico

Centro Historico has a lot to offer visitors and is in a good location for other attractions in the city.

Its hotels are also quite budget-friendly.

However, it hasn’t got quite as fun vibes as somewhere like Condesa or Roma, it is very busy in the day, and while it’s not dangerous, locals don’t recommend walking around too late at night.

If you are only in Mexico City for a couple of days and your main interest is its culture and history, it might be the perfect place for you to stay.

Where to Stay in the Centro Historico

Hostel: Casa MX Alemeda is an eight-minute walk from Palacio de las Bellas Artes and is close to the Zocalo.

There are dorm rooms which have three to eight bunk beds, as well as private rooms.

There is a game room, common room, and free bicycles available to rent. Click here for rates or to reserve. 

Budget Hotel: Hotel Templo Mayor this hotel is basic but clean and functional, in a great location in the middle of the city.

There is a terrace on the roof where you can enjoy the city, and the staff are friendly and helpful. Click here for rates and to reserve your stay.

Mid-Range: Located in an 18th-century building, the Hotel Zocalo Central is overlooking the Central Plaza.

The rooms have period features, with beautiful beds and big windows that let a lot of natural light in. Click here for more information and to reserve. 

Luxury: The five-star Gran Hotel Ciudad de Mexico is one of Mexico City’s bestsellers, with large rooms featuring four-poster beds, comfortable chairs and floor to ceiling windows.

On-site is a bar and restaurant, and it is in walking distance to Mexico City’s best historical attractions. Click here for information and to book. 

Roma: Best Area to Stay in Mexico City for First-Timers

One of the most popular places to stay in Mexico City is Roma.

Nestled between the Zona Rosa and Condesa, Roma used to have a reputation for danger and violence but is nowadays one of the safest neighborhoods in Mexico City.

It’s great for delicious food and drinks, with lots of vegetarian and vegan restaurants and plenty of quirky bars.

It’s generally safe to walk around the streets of Roma, although I would recommend getting Ubers late at night. 

Best Attractions in Roma

  • The street art of the neighbourhood
  • The many cocktail bars – I love Hanky Panky and Gin Gin
  • The local markets, like Mercado Medellin and Mercado Roma
  • The Museum of Everyday Objects – which is much more exciting than it sounds, promise!
  • Contemporary art galleries like Galleria OMR

Pros and Cons of Staying in Roma

Roma is one of the safest neighbourhoods in Mexico City, and one of the most popular places to stay in the capital.

There are plenty of food and drink options, and it is close to both the Centro Historico and Chapultapec, for the attractions there. 

It is one of the areas of Mexico City that is most popular with tourists (although this is hardly Cancun level…), so I’ll leave that to you whether that’s a good or a bad thing!

It is also one of the more expensive places in Mexico City, although cheaper than Condesa. 

Where to Stay in Roma

Hostel: Bocanada Guest House has private and dorm rooms, which are decorated in minimalist style with comfortable beds and hip decor.

There is a kitchen on site, as well as a communal terrace and WiFi throughout the property. Click here for more information and to reserve your stay. 

Budget Hotel: Habataciones Monterrey has friendly staff, and although the rooms are basic, they are well-equipped for a stay in the area.

The location is good, the rooms are comfortable, and free laundry is offered. Click here for rates and to book. 

Mid-Range: Hotel MX Roma is a modern hotel with fresh decor and space-saving furniture.

There is a terrace and gym on-site, and the showers are modern with showers with hot water. Click here for more details and to book.

Luxury: Nima Local House Hotel has lush gardens and gorgeous decor, with rooms that just exude luxury.

There are large windows that wash the room with natural light.

There are deluxe bathrooms with premium toiletries, as well as the finest quality cushions and bedlinen. Click here for more information. 

Condesa: Trendiest Place to Stay in Mexico City

Condesa park Mexico

Known as the trendiest area of Mexico City, Condesa is heaving with quirky restaurants and bars, and the wide leafy streets are reminiscent of a European city.

It’s very ‘livable’, and many ex-pats choose to live here.

That being said, you don’t need to look far to find authentic Mexico – on the street corners are street stalls selling tacos and Agua de Jamaica

Best Attractions in Condesa

  • The bars, including Pato Negro, El Grifo (there is the best pizza here) and the rooftop bar at Hotel Condesa DF
  • The escape rooms at Enigma Rooms
  • Shopping in the many boutique stores
  • Eating amazing vegetarian and vegan food at the burbs’ plant-based restaurants
  • Walking around and taking in Condesa life – it’s a really peaceful, relaxing neighbourhood

Pros and Cons of Staying in Condesa

Condesa is a very safe area – although, like any big cities, it’s advisable to use Uber if walking home late at night.

It’s also great for nightlife and food, and while there aren’t many attractions in the suburb itself, it’s close to other areas of the city and can easily be reached by Metro or walking.

However, it’s by one of the most expensive areas of the city – not just with accommodation, but food and drinks can be a huge expense here too!

It’s also not the most authentic area in the city. 

Where to Stay in Condesa

Hostel: Stayinn Barefoot Condesa is located a short walk from Chapultapec Metro Station.

There are six or eight-bed dorms with comfortable beds, charging points and roomy lockers.

There is a rooftop bar for chilling out and a communal kitchen. Click here for rates and to reserve your spot.

Budget Hotel: Condesa Zen offers studios at a great price.

The rooms are clean and modern, and have views over the city.

There is a workspace and big, bright windows in each studio. Click here for more information and to reserve. 

Mid-Range: With a rustic garden backdrop, Casa Maria Elena Condesa is a charming hotel in the middle of the Condesa region.

Each room is individually decorated and has comfy beds, seats, coffee machines and dressers, as well as en suite bathrooms. Click here to read more. 

Luxury: Hotel DF Condesa is in prime location, right in the heart of the trendy neighbourhood.

Home to one of the best rooftop bars in the area, Hotel DF Condesa has large, boutique-style rooms with state of the art features like rain showers and HD TVs. Click here to read more. 

Polanco: Best Area to Stay in Mexico City With Kids

Polanco Mexico City

Probably the safest area of the city, and also the most expensive, Polanco is the main ex-pat area.

Expect beautiful apartments, wide leafy streets, and a peaceful atmosphere if staying in Polanco. 

Best Attractions in Polanco

  • Anthropology Museum, where you can learn all about the different native cultures of the city
  • Bosque de Chapultepec (Chapultapec Forest) which is the biggest park in the city
  • Chapultepec Castle, which is the only castle in the Americas
  • The Museum of Mexico City which is located in the castle
  • The upmarket restaurants of the area
Polanco Mexico City

Pros and Cons of Staying in Polanco

It’s very safe in Polanco, but also very expensive.

It’s not the most authentic part of the city, and all the bars and restaurants are very high-end. This means it’s not the most backpacker-friendly or great for budget travellers.  

Where to Stay in Polanco

Budget Hotel: Socrates 134 Aparthotel has basic rooms with good lighting, at an excellent price in this pricey suburb.

The rooms are clean and the staff are helpful and mostly bilingual. Click here for more rates and to reserve your spot. 

Mid-Range: With a restaurant on-site, Casa Anzures offers room service and clean, modern rooms with beautiful wood paneling. Click here for rates and to reserve. 

Luxury: Las Alcobas DF has deluxe, spacious rooms, with great lighting and luxury, clean bathrooms.

On-site is a fitness centre, bar, and restaurant. Click here for rates and to reserve your room.

Coyoacan: Where to Stay in Mexico City for Culture and a Different Neighbourhood Feel

Coyoacan is one of the most underrated neighbourhoods in Mexico City.

Most tourists come to visit Frida Kahlo’s house – which is what I did the first time – but there is so much more here than meets the eye. 

Coyoacan was an Aztec residence, and also where the Spaniards first ruled the city.

There’s so much historical depth here that can be enjoyed on a walking tour and in various museums, and around the main square, there are lots of bars and restaurants, with a buzzing atmosphere in the evening. 

Best Attractions in Coyoacan

  • Frida Kahlo’s HouseLa Casa Azul
  • Leon Trotsky’s House – he was exiled to Mexico
  • Cortez’s first house in Mexico
  • The main square with bars and restaurants, which feels more like a small Mexican pueblo than part of the manic capital.

Pros and Cons of Coyoacan

Coyoacan is one of the most unique places to stay in Mexico City – it feels like a town within itself.

There’s so much history and culture here, with a wealth of things to learn about.

However, it is quite far away from the rest of the attractions, and there is not a Metro in the middle of the suburb itself.

At night, it’s recommended to Uber rather than walk to the Metro stations. 

Where to Stay in Coyoacan

Hostel: Casa Azul Centro de Coyoacan has dorm rooms, double rooms and family rooms, with free WiFi and communal areas.

It’s a chilled-out hostel, perfect for families or backpackers wanting somewhere quieter. Click here for information or to book.

Budget Hotel: Casa Ayvar is a fantastic value hotel with apartments featuring fully equipped kitchens, bright rooms and bathrooms.

There is high-speed WiFi throughout the property and a delicious breakfast at the hotel. Click here for rates and to reserve your spot. 

Mid-Range: Chalet del Carmen is a tranquil guesthouse with a beautiful garden and a shared kitchen. There are beautiful balconies and terraces, and rooms with large beds and great lighting.

In the room is a tea and coffee maker, kettle, refrigerator, and well-stocked bathroom. Click here to reserve your space. 

Luxury: There aren’t that any five-star hotels in Coyoacan, but Fiesta Inn Periferico Sur is a great four-star option.

There is a fitness centre, swimming pool, bar and restaurant on-site, with bedrooms with floor to ceiling windows and really comfortable beds. Click here for more information. 

Zona Rosa: Where to Stay in Mexico City for Nightlife

One of Latin America’s best LGBTQI+ areas, the Zona Rosa has fantastic nightlife, a liberal atmosphere, and is in a great location for the rest of the city. It’s quite quiet in the day, but completely comes to life at night. 

Attractions in the Zona Rosa

  • The fantastic bars and clubs – it has the best LGBTQI+ nightlife in the city, but anyone is welcome!
  • Shopping at the many boutiques in the area
  • Little Korea, the Korean neighbourhood of the city where you can get really authentic Kimchi in Mexico!
  • The annual Pride festival, the epicentre of which is in this area

Pros and Cons of staying in the Zona Rosa

It’s great for nightlife, and because it is so busy, is relatively safe at night.

It is also very close to both the Centro Historico and Reforma.

However, it lacks a bit of atmosphere in the daytime, unless there’s a festival going on. It’s also probably not the place to stay if you’re not after nightlife!

Where to Stay in the Zona Rosa

Hostel: Capsule Hotel Zona Rosa has individual air-conditioned capsule-style beds, offering a good amount of privacy, with plugs and lights.

There is a common area and WiFi. Click here for rates and to reserve your bunk.

Budget Hotel: Casa Boutique Genova is a homely hotel, each room individually styled, with bright windows and storage space. The bathrooms are shared, but this makes the rooms great value. Click here for rates and to reserve your spot.

Mid-Range: Hotel Cle is a fantastic mid-range hotel in Mexico City, with luxury rooms at a small price tag.

The rooms are modern, with large windows and window seats, a TV with Netflix and USB chargers. Click here for more information and to book. 

Luxury: Eurostars Zona Rosa Suites has large bedrooms, decorated with a fusion of modern and period decor.

Each room has a deluxe en-suite bathroom. There is a gym on-site, as well as a delicious included breakfast. Click here for more details and to book. 

Reforma: Where to Stay in Mexico City for Luxury Hotels

Reforma Mexico City where to stay

The booming CBD district of Reforma isn’t a very popular place to stay with vacationers, but there are a lot of nice hotels here. 

Attractions in Reforma

angel of independence
  • On a Sunday, it’s possible to rent a bike for free and ride up and down Reforma, as well as participate in various Zumba sessions
  • The Angel de la Independencia, which is where Mexico’s revolutionaries were buried
  • The Monument of Independence and the Museum of Independence.

Pros and Cons of Staying in Reforma

Reforma has a lot of high-end hotels and is the best place to stay in Mexico City for business travellers.

It is also close to both the Centro Historico and neighbourhoods like Polanco, Condesa and Roma.

However, there isn’t too much happening right in the neighbourhood, and because it is the business district, the area lacks character, as well as many budget hotels.

Where to Stay in Reforma

Hostel: Anys Hostal has cable TV, lockers and WiFi, with private and dorm rooms.

In the hostel is a cafe, luggage storage, bed linens, towels, as well as maps and tourist information. Click here for more information and to book.

Budget Hotel: Capital O DF is a great budget hotel in Reforma, close to Centro Medico.

The rooms are basic but clean and pleasant with comfortable beds, and en-suite rooms. The staff are friendly and bilingual. Click here for more information and to reserve your spot.

Mid-Range: Hotel Plaza Revolucion is a large hotel with spacious, clean rooms with large windows and mirrors. Each room has very comfy beds, and the hotel is reputed for exceptional customer service.

There is a delicious and varied breakfast offered every day. Click here for more information and to reserve your spot. 

Luxury: Hotel Marquis Reforma has beautiful rooms with state-of-the-art features like beautiful lighting and deluxe bedlinen.

There is a well-equipped gym on-site, as well as a restaurant and bar. Click here to read more and reserve your room.

Airport Hotels in Mexico City 

While there isn’t too much of a reason to stay near Mexico City airport, there are some options, if you would rather go straight to a hotel nearby or stay somewhere close before an early morning flight. 

Budget Hotel: Izzzleep Aeropuerto Terminal One is perfect if you want a cheap place to stay in Benito Juarez Mexico City Airport.

It’s a pod hotel – each pod has a TV, as well as great lighting and plug outlets and USB sockets. Of course, it’s also right in the airport. Click here for rates and to reserve.

Mid-Range Hotel: Camino Real Aeropuerto is a great mid-range option by the airport.

There’s a swimming pool, a fitness centre and bar on site, so it’s great to refresh when on a layover or when arriving or leaving Mexico City.

Considering the large, luxury rooms and facilities, it is a great option. Click here for rates and to book your room.

Luxury Hotel: The Hilton Mexico City Airport Hotel is ideal for a luxury stay, a great place to rest your head before an early morning flight or after a long journey to reach Mexico City.

In keeping with the Hilton brand, the hotel has a bar, restaurant, and gym, as well as comfortable and spacious rooms, perfect for a first or last night in the city! Click here for rates and to reserve your room.

TAPO bus station hotel 

The TAPO bus station is where you’ll need to go to get South-bound buses, to places like Puebla, Oaxaca, Chiapas or Cancun (if, like me, you’d choose to take a 24 hour bus over a two hour flight). 

If you want to stay near there, I personally stayed at Hotel MX Congreso, which is around $30-$35 USD for a night’s stay, including a buffet breakfast.

The rooms are fairly spacious, and while not the most luxurious rooms in the world, are fine for a night’s sleep before an early bus. Click here for rates and to reserve. 

Where will you stay in Mexico City?

I hope this guide of where to stay in Mexico City has helped you make some decisions about your accommodation options in the capital!

You can browse more options on Booking.com, which I use to book all of my hotels when travelling!