The Best Vegan Restaurants Byron Bay has to Offer

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Byron, Byron, Byron…. Did I ever mention I’m in love with this place? From the nightly drum circle, to the views from the lighthouse, to the atmosphere at the Arts Factory hostel where I lived in a tent for 5 months – Byron Bay has a very special place in my heart.

Eateries line the streets of Byron Bay, with a seemingly endless amount of options for such a small town. Peace-loving Byron is a fantastic place for vegan options (I absolutely reveled in the fact that shoes are optional for five months. I’m a hippy and proud), for us who favour a plant based lifestyle. Most restuarants will be able to whip up a few tasty vegan dishes, but if you’re looking for entirely vegan restaurants Byron Bay provides as well.

Here I give you the best vegan restaurants in Byron Bay, featuring some that are completely plant-based and some vegetarian joints with extensive vegan menus. If you’re looking for vegan food in Byron Bay, you won’t be going hungry!

The Best Vegan Restaurants in Byron Bay


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A sustainable restaurant that has a fully plant-based menu, dining at Elixiba is an experience in itself. The restaurant was created with sustainable furniture and waste reducing products. The ethos of Elixiba is that our eating choices should have a positive impact, helping people enjoy their food while helping the planet.

The menu is made from scratch with local ingredients, and the drinks on offer are graft beer, herbal cocktails and elixirs. Menu favourites include tempeh and hemp burgers, vegan cheese boards, hearty dishes like nachos and jackfruit curry, and desserts like ice cream sandwiches and baked cheezecake. It’s a great option if you want somewhere fancier to eat – there are branches in the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast as well.

No Bones

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No Bones is a vegan restaurant that makes everything in house, from the pasta to the bread. Their ethos is sustainable and environmentally conscious, trying to recycle and use only sustainable materials.

The restaurant offers completely vegan tapas, with flavours that pack a punch. On the drinks list are vegan cocktails and other soft drinks.

The Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Byron Bay

Manna Haven

Most items on Manna Haven’s menu are vegan, but there are a couple of just vegetarian options. They also have a variety of gluten-free options. They’re dedicated to providing you with healthy options, including salads, mains, desserts and smoothies. Many of their food items can be purchased to to, or you can enjoy it in their restaurant or outdoor courtyard.

The menus are updated weekly, so if you find yourself unable to leave Byron Bay (happens to the best of us…), you’ll always have some new vegan deliciousness to sample at Manna Haven. Some great dishes include chickpea tikka masala, lentil burgers, white chocolate blueberry cheesecake, dark choc oreo mousse cake and a variety of drinks.

Cardamom Pod

Run by Hare-Krishnas, the café has vegan options as well as vegetarian Indian dishes. It’s completely vegetarian and egg free, but not everything is vegan. It is located around the back of an arcade, and is only a small place.

Because many people practicing yoga and meditation don’t eat onion and garlic, these are omitted from the menu at Cardamon Pod as well. The food is lightly spiced, with options to suit every palate. It is a firm favourite with vegetarian and non-vegetairan locals and tourists.

Some delicious examples of the local cuisine include vegetarian Thai curries, vegan potato Gauranga and South Indian sambal. There are some great cruelty-free sweet treats on offer as well.


Located on Ewingsdale road, close to the ‘Welcome to Byron Bay’ sign that everyone loves, Folk Byron Bay serves organic vegetarian food. Good Food Guide rated it one of the 20 places to visit in Australia, and in its tranquil setting, you can understand why.

The café has free parking and is located across the road from the Discovery Holiday Park. With fresh décor; whitewashed walls, timber benchtops and indoor plants, it’s a great space to relax and enjoy an almond cappuccino.

The restaurant uses organic, local and ethical ingredients and although eggs and dairy are on the menu, there are an abundance of vegan options. There is a small menu of quality items which changes seasonally. They serve healthy salads, vegan burritos and delicious veggie bowls.

If you’re passing through Bangalow, Folk’s sister café – Woods Bangalow – is also located there.

Heart of Byron

Previously named Heart & Halo, Heart of Byron is predominantly a vegetarian grocery store but also operates as a food bar serving breakfasts and lunch. It’s cheaper than most places in Byron Bay, and is tucked away from the typical tourist trail.

Their selection of vegan curries are fantastic and served in generous portions, and most of their drinks are vegan. Double check when ordering, but most things at Heart of Byron can be made vegan. It is cash only, so make sure you withdraw what you need before heading to Heart of Byron.

Santos Health Foods & Café

This fully vegetarian grocery store features a café as well. It’s a great spot to grab a quick coffee or a juice while exploring the town; it also serves up vegetarian and vegan lunches as well as delicious cakes and other sweet treats. Some raw food is also on offer, and guests can enjoy their food in the garden at the rear.

The Jing Shack at Jing Organics

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This is an organic and vegan retail store in the Byron Bay Industrial Estate. It’s a little way out of town; but if you are visiting the estate for any particular reason, it’s a great spot to enjoy some refreshments.

Vegan and raw food is prepared in a separate kitchen, so you can be sure that nothing is cross-contaminated. The restaurant is now closed, but you can still enjoy their products by purchasing in the store or online.

Being Vegan in Byron Bay

Being vegan in Byron Bay is almost second nature. With all of these delicious restaurants, and plenty of other restaurants with good vegan options, you won’t need to look far for delicious vegan food.

There is also a Woolies in town which stocks tons of vegan options, including Macro vegetable burgers which, in my humble opinion, are foods of the gods. Whipping up a vegan BBQ on the beach (Australia is the land of public BBQs, which is just one of the things I love about this country) has never been easier.

So whether you’re in Byron Bay for just a weekend, five months, or the rest of your life (don’t blame ya), use this guide to the best vegan restaurants in Byron Bay to help you discover where to fill your belly and be happy.

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