7 Travel Photography Tips for Improving your Photos!

We always want to keep the memories of our journeys as fresh as possible. And photos are probably the best way to do that. Sadly, we are not all natural-born travel photographers, that’s why we sometimes end up with bleak-looking or plain unengaging photos. 

There are, however, some ways we can all be better at travel photography. Not just one way, but seven! Without further ado, here are seven easy tricks to make your travel pictures perfect.

Play with the Angles

More often than not, popular travel destinations are densely filled with other tourists. There is, however, a way to avoid capturing random people in the frame. Try changing your point of view, so to say. Shoot your pictures at various angles – from below, from above, play with perspective and focus. This way, you’ll not only keep unwanted people or details out of the shot but can also create stunningly beautiful images. 

Wait, Wait and Wait!

This one is for those who can’t sit still. Sometimes, the only way to capture a magnificent moment is to wait for it. Whether it is Aurora Borealis, a humpback whale jump, or a monarch butterfly migration, you need to wait for it and be ready to snap the picture. Beautiful photos are usually a product of hard work. And sitting still and waiting for the magic to happen is the hardest of them all. 

Get Yourself a Tripod

Even with the featherweight cameras of today, you need an inhumanly sturdy hand. So invest in an assistant that is a pleasure to work with. Just put your camera on your tripod, and you can be sure that the horizon will remain perfectly straight while you fiddle with the settings, arrange the perfect composition or wait for a fleeting but beautiful moment to happen. In case you worry about packing additional weight with you – invest in a lightweight travel tripod.

Find Less Conventional Places

If you are sick of mainstream travel destinations and crave to shoot less travelled places, ask locals for advice. Tell them what kind of places and people you want to capture. Alternatively, get lost on purpose. 

Wander through narrow streets, find abandoned buildings, and explore ruins. But don’t take the advice too literally, though – monitor your journey so that you can go to where you can go safely. 

Get to Know Your Camera Better

This photography tip seems like a no-brainer, but it’s still worth mentioning. Before you snap your first pic, sit down and study the manual to your equipment. With that knowledge, you’ll be able to choose the right shooting modes, set the correct parameters and generally not screw up your pictures. And it wouldn’t hurt either to freshen up your knowledge on the basic photography rules.

Pack Wisely

Since travel photography implies a lot of – ahem – travelling, do not take too much equipment with you. Travel as light as humanly possible. Frankly, all you’ll need is your camera, a tripod, some personal necessities, and a sizable desire to shoot beautiful locations. Make sure, however, to bring some backup stuff with you, like extra batteries and extra memory cards.

Try a New Approach

That’s right; this is the “think outside the box” kind of advice, but hear us out. Sometimes, it’s crucial to get off your usual beaten path of photography habits to create something awe-inspiring. Do you like shooting landscapes? Try shooting portraits of eye-catching locals instead (make sure that you ask for permission before doing so). Have a thing for serene icy wastelands? Capture a busy city street full of life and colour. Mayhap, this way you’ll make your best travel photo yet.

So you see – making a captivating travel photo is possible when you have a few tricks up your sleeve. But in case everything fails, there is always a chance to perfect your photos in post-production. If you know your way around photo editors, Lightroom can be your reliable assistant. This Adobe product is beloved by many for its extensive toolkit and powerful engine, but at the same time scolded for its confusing interface and a heavy price tag.

If you are looking for a pro-level result but do not have pro-level editing expertise, then you might find PhotoWorks to be right up your alley. This intelligent photo editor is basically a collection of advanced and impressive features wrapped into an intuitive and easy-to-navigate workflow. With it, you can fix your travel images in a single click. 

So now you know the little secrets of making the most of your travel pictures. So take your camera and show us how wonderful the world is through your mesmerizing photos.