How to Travel Light While Still Bringing the Essentials!

Every frequent traveller understands the importance of preparing a travel packing list. Otherwise, you might forget something essential and face serious problems on arrival. There are just too many things to keep in mind! This is why it is highly recommended to write down every little piece of clothing, gear, documents, and other things you need to pack before getting on the plane or train. 

Prepare Your Documents

Before purchasing travel bags and making concrete plans about the future trip, take care of the documents. Visit the official website of the destination country’s embassy and learn what documents you need to collect to get a visa. For a travel visa, the list usually looks like this:

  • Valid passport: Your passport is valid if it will not expire for at least another six months after the day of your departure. 
  • Travel insurance: Contact insurance agencies in your area and purchase insurance for the duration of your trip in case of emergencies.
  • Proof of employment: Ask your HR department to issue a statement that proves your employment at the company. 
  • Proof of financial means: Prepare a bank statement that proves that you have enough money on your account for the duration of the trip.
  • Filled out an application form: You can download the application form on the embassy’s website along with the detailed instructions on how to fill it out correctly. 
  • 2 visa photos: it is much easier to use Passport Photo Maker and make visa photos right at home. Simply open an image in the tool, select the destination country, and the correct ID type – visa. The program contains the most recent data about visa requirements and automatically resizes the photos to the right size. 

After acquiring a visa, don’t forget to pack your passport and travel insurance.  

Purchase A Travel Bag

Nowadays, you have a vast variety of travel bags. Depending on the duration of your adventure, your needs, and the airline restrictions, you can choose from:

  • Rolling Luggage is a very convenient and practical choice if you are visiting a city area. 
  • A duffle Bag is a great choice in case you are going to pack a lot of things. They are lighter than most suitcases and highly durable. 
  • A wheeled Backpack is perfect if you are travelling through a city and also would like to do some hiking later, a wheeled backpack is a perfect option. 
  • A travel Backpack will give great hands-free mobility during hiking tours and allow you to take great pictures and videos on the go. 
  • A carry-on – if you don’t require a lot of things, always choose carry-on. It is a lighter option that allows you to bring your bag on the aeroplane. Not only are carry-on bags lightweight, but they’re convenient and cost-saving. For example, a 55x40x20 cm size durable cabin bag meets most airline carry-on baggage restrictions and is easy to store in an overhead bin. Larger 56x45x25cm cabin bags might not meet restrictions. 

    These dimensions provide the perfect balance and ensure plenty of storage space while adhering to airlines’ strict size regulations.

     The benefits of this particular size go beyond capacity. It is easy to operate even in crowded terminals and has ideal proportions for quick installation on board.

     This makes it the first choice for travelers looking for functionality without sacrificing storage capacity or cabin fit.

Pack Essentials

The number one tip that you will hear from every frequent traveller is to pack light. Look up the average temperature and weather conditions of your travel destination, and make the list of essentials:

  • T-shirts, sweaters, trousers and/or shorts, socks, walking shoes, raincoat, sleepwear, underwear, sunglasses, dresses, skirts, jewellery, hat, scarf, swimsuit. 

Along with clothing items, pack some medicine in case you feel unwell. Going to a pharmacy in a foreign country might be difficult because of the language barrier and difference in rules for prescription drugs, so it’s a good idea to take a small med kit that includes: 

  • Bandages, personal prescriptions, pain relievers, cold medicines, allergy medicines, sunburn relief, insect repellent, medicines specific to the region. 

Bring a carry on bag

Carry-on should contain everything you will need during the flight and some essentials for one or two days if the airline loses your luggage. Besides packing a couple of outfits and toiletries, include the following items to make your journey more relaxing:

  • Phone and/or tablet charger
  • e-reader
  • headphones
  • travel pillow
  • eye mask
  • earplugs
  • books and/or magazines
  • travel games
  • language guides

Consider Travel Security

Research the country of your destination and their level of crime. You are travelling to a new country, so it is better to overprotect yourself than under protect. Pack a jacket with a hidden pocket, put a lock on your suitcase or travel bag, and always bring at least some amount of cash. 

Make sure you don’t forget important things, learn a few phrases in the local language, and be polite and respectful. Travel changes us for the better and opens up new worlds and cultures, so remember to respect them.