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Is Georgia safe? My experience in the European country

Is Georgia safe? Let’s go into it in this post! Georgia, a nation sitting in Eastern Europe, is somewhere that’s just starting to appear on mainstream tourist’s radar.  However, as it’s only just becoming well known on the tourist scene, some travellers wonder about the safety in Georgia before visiting.  I’ve been to Georgia twice: […]

Is Cappadocia safe? My thoughts from my visit

Is Cappadocia safe? The Turkish hotspot is loved by tourists.  But the media often paints Turkey, and in turn Cappadocia, out to be much more dangerous than it really is.  Here are my thoughts from my trip to Cappadocia and knowledge from travelling Turkey extensively.  Is Cappadocia safe?  Yes, Cappadocia is chilled out, relaxed and […]

What is Madeira known for? Famous things about Portugal’s island!

What is Madeira known for? Sunshine, hiking and Cristiano Ronaldo!  If you’re planning a trip to Madeira, you might be wondering what the island’s most famous for to help you have the most enriching trip possible! I recently visited Madeira and spent a long time researching the island beforehand to make sure I didn’t miss […]

Is Madeira expensive? A breakdown of EVERYTHING I spent

Is Madeira expensive to visit? If you’re visiting this Portuguese island and are wondering about the costs of travel in Madeira, here’s everything you need to know. I recently travelled to Madeira for five nights/ four full days, and I’m going to break down everything I spent in this post. Is Madeira expensive to visit? […]

Is Madeira worth visiting? My honest thoughts!

Is Madeira worth visiting? Absolutely! Madeira is often thought to be an older person’s destination, but in recent years (largely thanks to the virality of many of its hikes on social media), it’s becoming increasingly popular amongst younger, adventurous travellers. I spent four days in Madeira; here’s what I thought about it! Is Madeira worth […]