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If I was to consider any country my home away from home, it would be Mexico. There’s so much I love about this country; its music, its colourful culture, its art, its history. It’s a fascinating place that’ll take you many trips to get the hang of. And there’s so much of Mexico to be explored – from the Carribean beaches that are frequented by tourists to the stunning Pacific coasts; from little pueblos hidden away in mountains to one of the world’s largest and most dynamic cities, from desert in the north to a pocket of rainforest in the south. There’s beers aplenty, and world-famous food. So grab a corona, tuck into some guacamole, and I’ll tell you all about travel in Mexico.

Planning a Trip to Mexico: A How To Guide

Are you thinking should I visit Mexico? You absolutely should – it’s a beautiful, diverse country, with something for everybody. With all sorts of terrains, Latin and Indigenous cultures, and an incredible variety of food, there’s so much to explore in the country, all which should be considered when planning…

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