A Quick Guide to the Five Best National Parks in Canada

Canada’s on my mind! While I haven’t visited this beautiful country for a few years, a Canada expert approached me and offered to create this post to help people with their trips.

Fully vaccinated people can now go on holiday to Canada, so if you’re interested in visiting in the next few months or years, read on to find out some of the best national parks to add to your itinerary!

Remember that Canada is a HUGE country, so you might not be able to visit all of these national parks in one trip – but that means you can return to check the rest off!

About Canada’s National Parks

A trip to Canada’s National Parks is a once in a lifetime experience. The country is famous for its nature, and with hundreds of thousands of square kilometres of pure nature, even the pickiest adventurous will be impressed.
Canada is home to over 200 national parks, so there is plenty of choice in every province!

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Five of the Best National Parks in Canada

There are hundreds of national parks in Canada each incredible in their own right – so it’s tough to choose the best of the best!

But we think we’ve whittled it down – here are five that you must put on your bucket list!

Banff National Park, Alberta

Banff National Park

Possibly the most famous of all the national parks in Canada – and also the oldest – is Banff National Park. You can’t miss this on your trip to Canada!

Based in the Rockies, prepare for thrilling hiking trails and exploring the woodland. From horse riding and hiking in the summer to snowboarding and skiing in the winter, there are a ton of exciting activities that await you.

A visit to Moraine and Louise lakes are sites to die for. The deep blue lakes, unlike ordinary ones, make you feel like you’ve stepped into the Caribbean.

And as much as they are enchanting, and you may want to plunge in for a swim, avoid them. The lakes are very cold, even in the height of summer!

But you can visit Banff Upper Hot Spring for a warm and comfortable plunge!

Additionally, there is loads of wildlife to see in Banff National Park, such as foxes, wolves, elks, and grizzly bears.

And when the sun goes down? You can end your visit in one of the rugged campsites and sleep out under the stars!

Jasper National Park, Alberta

Jasper National Park Alberta Canada

Jasper National Park is a fantastic place to visit in the Candian Rockies. It is one of the UNESCO sites in Canada, and many people think that it is the ‘wildest’ park in the country.

Jasper is the nearest town to the park, and it acts as an ideal jumping point for any activities you want to do in the area.

In summer, Jasper National Park is popular as a hiking spot and for wildlife sightseeing. There are also lots of lakes and rivers where you can go for a dip!

In winter, this area of the Rockies is ideal for ice skating and cross-country skiing. You can also go hiking with a guide even in the depths of winter!

To explore Jasper National Park, you can either stay in Jasper or if it is summer, go camping.

Fundy National Park, New Brunswick

Fundy National Park New Brunswick

Fundy National Park has the highest tidal difference in the world. It’s an opportunity to explore the ocean’s mud floor without getting wet!

This is only at low tide of course. Within a few hours, the water retreats to over 12 meters high.

After you experience the spectacle of the tide, you can explore the amazing hiking trails in this park. Some of them lead you to spectacular waterfalls.

Kluane National Park, Yukon

Kluane National Park Yukon

Had enough of the rockies? Check out Kluane National Park. This is the most challenging hiking spot and should only be attempted by serious mountaineers.

Being home to the highest point in the whole country, it’s a thrilling place to explore – if you’re experienced enough for it, do it!

Don’t feel comfortable hiking to the top? You can still hover over it! Thanks to flightseeing in Canada, you can take a helicopter tour and see the King’s Throne up close.

There is also a jungle adventure experience and lake boating within this park.

Forillon National Park, Quebec

Forillon National Park view from Mont-Saint-Alban lookout (Canada, Quebec, Gaspésie)

This is the best national park in Canada for an underwater adventure. So, after exploring the Rockies, prairies, and beautiful lakes of Canada, stop by Forillon National Park!

It’s a great opportunity to experience what marine life Canada has to offer.

From paddleboarding to snorkelling and scuba diving, visiting Forillon National Park one of a kind experience – you’ll see so much wildlife here.

The best attraction of all in Forillon is whale spotting. If luck is on your side, prepare for a once-in-a-lifetime view of the blue whale! It’s the world’s largest sea mammal. In addition, there are seals among other marine life in this area.

Canada National Parks: the best of the best!

There are tons of adventures in the Canadian National Parks that you could explore for eternity.

But since exploring each of them is impossible (did we mention this country is huge?), this shortlist will help you experience some of the best that Canada has to offer.

Finally, use an eVisa on your trip to Canada. It will save you time, money, and frustration!