Sustainable Holidays in the Netherlands

Hello, nature lovers! Are you longing for a trip in nature, but not sure where to stay? is your solution. They offer holiday houses in nature, away from the crowd and mass tourism. This is your chance to finally escape the fuss in the city to find peace and quietness in the natural world. And the best part is that for every night booked on their platform, they plant one tree.

You can also subscribe to their newsletter and another tree will be planted. The goal is to reach 1 million planted trees by 2021.

Numbers show that the company managed to compensate more than half of their number of stays in 2018. Impressive, right? A holiday with is a great opportunity to start giving back to wildlife and save our planet. Below you can read why their concept is so important to our life on Earth.

The impact of the tree planting concept

Research proves that planting trees is both the most efficient and effective way to fight climate change.The countries where new trees are planted are Madagascar, Tanzania and Burkina Faso. Why? Simply put, the impact on CO2 reduction that this project can have is the greatest namely in these areas.

These three countries are located in Africa, birds migrate for the cold months. However, it becomes harder for them to find food, as many trees are cut for firewood and agriculture.

By planting trees for the birds, and its partners are contributing to the biodiversity and preservation of nature.

Another positive outcome of this project is that it creates jobs for the local population. This way the local economy is supported and people and send their children to school again.

Your experience with

In the era of consumerism and technology, our lives have become extremely busy. Our holiday time is thus very important, and we need to make it worth it!

When you stay in a home in the natural world you get the most out of your break. Away from the packed holiday parks, it’s the perfect getaway. In nature you can easily forget about what bothers you and unplug from the hustle and bustle of the big city. It’s your chance to reconnect with your inner self, find peace, and steer your life in a more positive direction.

Additionally, with you make a small but significant step for the conservation of nature. This will make your holiday even more meaningful.

Whether you want to relax and explore nature, or take an adventurous trip somewhere in Europe, has it all. On their website, you can find different accommodations all around Europe and choose the type that would most suit your holiday.

From holiday villas and apartments to unique treehouses, yurts and bungalows, be sure that you will enjoy a special stay even on a tight budget. The nature homes all differ in their level of luxury. You . can rent the most primitive cabin or a spacious luxury villa with a private swimming pool, sauna, and jacuzzi. The choice is all yours!

Since their mission is to connect people with nature, they are doing the best to eliminate the distraction from the outside world. If you need some time to disconnect with your usual environment completely, you can choose to stay in a house without a Wi-fi connection.

This way you can really focus on yourself and the beauty of nature. There are so many activities you might enjoy: meditating in the most peaceful surroundings, observe wild animals from your cottage, walk around verdant meadows and rolling hills, hiking through the woods, skiing in the mountains… endless possibilities.

The Netherlands

As a Dutch company, they have a large supply of nature houses in The Netherlands. Famous for its bikes, The Netherlands is a top destination for cycling. The country is mostly flat and there are cycling routes everywhere.

And because it’s small, you can travel to other cities by bike while relishing the nature around you. From national parks with forests and rivers to the coastal strips and beaches in The Hague and Zeeland, you will be surprised by the hidden beauty of The Netherlands.

There is a wide range of accommodations in The Netherlands that offer something for everyone. Group housing, intimate cottages and log cabins, houses on water, yurts, and more.

One of the most popular choices of the modern traveller is the glamping holiday. The word glamping is a combination of “glamorous” and “camping”, which means you get the adventure of camping while staying in a more luxurious home, with all the modern conveniences you might need.

A Holiday with Nature.House

A holiday with Nature.House could be the perfect alternative and sustainable break you’ve been looking for. Be sure to check them out when booking your holidays for 2022!