Funny British Gifts for British Friends

There are a few things – Brexit, the weather, traffic – that us Brits just have to crack jokes about, because otherwise we’ll cry. If you’ve got a Brit in your life; whether you’re looking for gifts for British friends or something for a collegue you got for Secret Santa*, then check this list of funny British gifts to get them both something that will remind them of home, and hopefully something that will crack a smile as well!

*  do make sure that your British acquaintance or relative has the right sense of humour before buying them these funny British gifts. If they’re pro-Brexit or particularly sensitive about the fact that we don’t get much sun in the UK, they might not find them as funny…

Funny British Gifts: Books

Brexit book

If you have a British pal, you’ll have probably addressed this elephant that’s been in the room since 2016… Brexit. If they want to learn a little more about the fate/ doom of their country, you might want to get them a book about Brexit, like Tales of Brexits Past and Present: Understanding the Choices, Threats and Opportunities In Our Separation from the EU. Nothing screams Merry Christmas like a political book all about how someone’s country is going down the pan, does it?

If you want to purchase a more comedic British gift for your mate, how about the Ladybirds for grown-ups Story of Brexit book. They’ll explain what exactly is happening to the country, in the only way that a true Brit knows: through sarcastic humour.

Brexit Colouring Book

If your friend knows all there is to know about Brexit, or just doesn’t want to read about it any more (a situation that 99.9% of the UK’s population are in, rest assured), then think about purchasing them a Brexit colouring book to ease the stress. Studies have shown that these little books are great for excess stress and to improve mental health, and we’re a rather stressed-out nation right now.

Brexit T-Shirt

Or, if you really like winding up your British friend, just go the whole way and get them a Brexit T-Shirt. They’ll love it, promise. (Disclaimer: Claire’s Footsteps accepts no responsibility if they don’t).

British sayings

Although it doesn’t always seem so anymore, we do have some things other than Brexit that characterize our nation. One of those being our British slang and weird sayings that make complete sense to us, but that nobody else seems to quite get.

Have a laugh with your pals about this with a British slang book, which will probably include some phrases that they don’t know as well (there are many different dialects, accents and sayings in Britain!).

Very British Problems

We’re a bit awkward and blustering, but that’s why the world loves us, right? This book of very British problems talks about all the characteristics that make us unique. Whether that be painful politeness, disregard at the incorrect method of tea-making, or embarrassment at the most awkward things, it celebrates us Brits for being us. Click here to purchase. 

Other Gifts for British Friends

Epic Tea Collection

One thing that we all love in the UK is our tea. Show someone that you care by purchasing them all the tea this year. Click here to buy an epic tea collection with 80 assorted teas. Your favourite Brit will have plenty to try and some old classics, perfect to enjoy after Christmas dinner.

British Themed Umbrella

We all know that it rains a lot in England. Your British friend probably will have an envious collection of umbrellas, but will they have a British themed umbrella? There are a variety of them out there, some with the union jack on and others with London-style architecture. Click here to shop British umbrellas.

Boris Johnson Party Mask

Ok, I’m back to politics, but just see this as a metaphor for Britain at the moment – we try to talk about something else, but it always comes back to Brexit. If your British friend is a fan of fancy dress, there’s nothing quite as scary as Boris Johnson himself – you can purchase a Boris Johnson mask here and really take everyone’s breath away at the next fancy dress do.

Funny British Gifts for British Friends

I hope this list of funny British gifts has helped you decide what to buy for British friends for Christmas, birthdays or any other occasion!