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Hello, and welcome to this part of my website!

More and more people are wanting to move to different areas of the world. With the rise of remote work (making lots of people realise that they don’t need to be physically in an office) and the growing realisation about the carbon footprint of fast travel, living in various cities and countries worldwide is becoming a viable, sustainable solution.

I’ve lived in six towns/ cities across six countries in my lifetime. In my native England, I’ve lived in London (where I was born) and Bristol (where I went to university and returned to as a young professional). I lived in Mexico City for a while when I was a teenager and returned to the Mexican city of Oaxaca when I was 25. And I spent a year and a bit in Australia, where I lived for five months in Byron Bay and a few months in Perth.

I can write about these places, but the project I’ve been envisioning has had so many more destinations. I want to create a space where people can read real life experiences of what it is like to live in cities and countries across the world.

For this project, I’ve asked locals to write some tips about living here. These tips are for any newcomer to the city, and I hope that they will prove useful to a large audience.

My other mission is to do this whole ‘living abroad’ thing a bit differently. I want to encourage people moving abroad to really integrate with the local culture and support local economies that way. This is why I’ve asked locals to write these posts, with the hope that they will be able to give us all tips on how to live as locals do in their city or country.

You can read a little more about my aims for this project here.

Or, read on to discover which city you might be able to live in next!

25 Things Nobody Tells You About Living in Byron Bay as a Backpacker

It’s been 2 years since I first started living in Byron Bay, and I still think about it like, all the time. Who’s busking down on main beach… who lives in my camping spot now… if there’s one thing in life I’m sure about, it’s that this place will forever have the most lasting impact […]

12 Reasons to Love Living in Perth

I think Perth gets a bit too much bad press. Perth’s main Instagram hashtag is #perthisok, people have nicknamed it ‘the nanna state’ and have dubbed WA ‘wait awhile’. The city is either forgotten about by travelers to Australia and Australians in the Eastern states, or it’s just thought of as a boring city where nothing […]