The Old Fire Station Hostel Review – The Best Hostel in Fremantle

Australian backpackers! Wanting cheap, friendly and comfortable accommodation in Fremantle? Take a look at this review of the Old Fire Station to learn about why I think it’s the best hostel in Fremantle and Perth.

Nestled in the heart of Fremantle is The Old Fire Station, a unique hostel that’s loved by backpackers. The Old Fire Station is what it says on the tin – it’s the ex-fire station of one of Western Australia’s best towns, and relics from its pre hostel days are still present all over the place – expect floor to ceiling doors to the outside, ladders inside, and a boarded up fireman’s pole in the communal area!


It’s got a fresh and fun atmosphere, with unique wall art and loads to get involved in, including snooker tables, a foosball table and two TVs with Netflix and huge comfy sofas. But what makes The Old Fire Station so special is how personal it is. It’s not a very big hostel, but for the amount of guests there it’s got a huge amount of common space, with three kitchens, a large outdoor courtyard and a separate girls’ area (because sometimes we all want to hide from the boys…). These little touches made the Old Fire Station feel less like a hostel and more like a home.


The rooms are incredibly spacious; I was in a four-bed dorm for nearly four weeks and it never felt like we were on top of each other (apart from when we were asleep, because the beds are bunk beds. I’m so funny.). There’s lots of shelf space, a double bottom bunk for one lucky person and an individual locker in the common area. Because there’s three kitchens, they are always uncluttered and I never had to wait for pots and pans to be free when I was cooking.


And oh my, it was clean. I think it’s the cleanest hostel I’ve ever stayed in. This is a major factor in my enjoyment of hostels and a big reason why I think The Old Fire Station is the best hostel in Fremantle. I actually enjoyed cooking in the kitchen (which was equipped with ovens and a blender, by the way) and showering actually felt like a pleasant experience, rather than a ‘will I contract a deadly disease in this space’ experience. Everyone there respected other guests and actually did their washing up, and the hostel has a zero tolerance policy on those who don’t. Which really made an impact, as I rarely saw anyone leaving their pots and pans dirty.



Despite having a huge amount of Netflix shows, free to use computers and actual decent Wi-Fi (a rarity in Australia), the hostel really relishes in its social scene. While I was there, competitions and events took place; including ‘Sunday Funday’ events in Perth, boat parties and curry nights. As I left, they were gearing up for a big party, which they have every few months.

The courtyard is ‘where the magic happens’ every night; it’s kitted out in funky decorations and is a great space for meeting other backpackers, drinking games (alcohol can be bought from reception and it’s cheaper than the bottleshop!) and music. That being said, the hostel really isn’t that noisy, and while I had some fantastic nights drinking in the courtyard, I had some great night’s sleep at The Old Fire Station too!
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Every member of staff was absolutely lovely and very helpful, giving such a great atmosphere which really made The Old Fire Station the best hostel in Fremantle. Any issues were resolved right away, and each member of staff really made the effort to chat to and get to know each guest more. At the same time, they were efficient and really good at their jobs.


The Old Fire Station is perfect for any kind of traveller; I met people working full time, people studying, young backpackers who just wanted to party, older backpackers who relished their sleep (a category which I’m falling more and more into these days…), people who had just started their travels and people who’d been travelling for years. The hostel is fantastic for all of these people because it works so hard to be such a personable place and makes it feel like home for everyone.


It’s also extraordinarily inexpensive for an Australian hostel, especially when you consider the extras, like Wi-Fi and Netflix, that you might be expected to pay for in other places.

Were there any downsides to the Old Fire Station Hostel? This is, as always, a completely honest post, but I can sincerely say not much at all. My bed was a bit rickety – but others didn’t seem to have the same problem. There was boiling water on tap but it was a bit too high (a problem that you’ll only have if you’re under 5ft 3 and drink copious amounts of tea – both of which categories I fall into). That is literally all I can find to criticize about this hostel – and I think if a boiling water tap you can’t quite reach is one of the only problems with an accommodation, it’s a pretty good deal!

I would go out on a whim and say that The Old Fire Station in Fremantle may well be the best hostel I’ve ever stayed in. Having stayed at another hostel in Fremantle and one in Perth which will remain unnamed, I can definitely say that they don’t even compare to this hostel. Whoever you are and whatever your situation, if you’re looking for the best hostel in Fremantle, stay at the Old Fire Station. You’d be foolish not to.Check out their website for more information!

After staying at the Old Fire Station for four weeks, I had one free night’s stay to compensate for writing this post. All opinions are of course my own – no way would I have stuck around a hostel that long if it wasn’t this amazing 😉

Have you stayed at The Old Fire Station? What’s your favourite hostel in Australia? Let me know in the comments below!

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