Is Vilnius expensive? Everything I spent in Lithuania!

Looking out over the Old City of Vilnius

Is Vilnius expensive? How much does it cost to travel in Lithuania? I visited it’s capital for two days to find out!

The Lithuanian capital of Vilnius is one of Europe’s little-known secrets. 

This gorgeous city is bursting with fascinating culture and history, full of green spaces and is a delight to visit in winter and summer alike. 

But how much does its cost to visit Vilnius? Is Vilnius cheap or expensive? 

Vilnius used to be a very affordable destination, but prices have risen in the last few years.

However, that doesn’t mean it’s as pricey as places like Paris or London these days; if you’re travelling around Europe, you’ll still find it pretty affordable. 

I spent two days in Vilnius in December 2023 – and here’s everything I spent! 

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Is Vilnius expensive? What I spent in two days

Here’s everything I spent in Vilnius in two days (and one night) in the city: 

ItemCost (€)
Urbihop Hotel€48.47
Early check-in and city tax€26.00
Walking tour€10.00
Museum of Occupation and Freedom Fights€6.00
Jewish Museum€6.00
Gediminas’ Tower Entry (museum)€6.00
Skiing at Liepkalnis€33.00
Lunch (mulled wine and dumplings)€10.50
Mulled wine at the Christmas market€4.00
Wolt food delivery€14.99
Sandwich and coffee€7.00
Dinner at a Georgian restaurant€18.90
Bolt (Total cost)€36.70
Overnight FlixBus from Warsaw€22.99

This came to a grand total of €257.35.

I didn’t sacrifice anything I wanted to do, although I didn’t drink much and generally ate at budget-friendly places.  

Let’s break it down a little more!

Cost of accommodation in Vilnius 

Vilnius in winter with snow

I stayed at Urbihop Hotel in Vilnius for €45 per night – which I thought was excellent value! 

The room was different from others I’ve stayed in, with a cosy double bed (perfect for solo travel but a bit small for two), and a unique layout with a desk area behind the bed with a bean bag chair. 

Then there was a TV (though I rarely watch TV in hotels), tea and coffee-making facilities, and a comfortable temperature control. 

I loved the room’s design, especially the panelled walls, lighting, and the sloped, attic-style window. Plus, there was a delicious free breakfast served every day; I loved the pastries and granola with dried fruit, served with oat milk!

The only negative about this hotel, for me, was that it was far out of the city centre – around a 20-minute drive. Bolt taxis were cheap, and there are buses, so if you don’t mind travelling for a good deal it’s not too bad, but it’s important to be aware of this before booking!

Budget option

For budget-conscious travellers, Pogo Hostel in the old town is a great alternative offers beds in a six-bed dormitory for just €15 on a typical off-season Tuesday in February. These rates, however, can increase significantly during peak times and weekends (like all accommodations!). 

Mid-range option

Amberton Cathedral Square Hotel Vilnius, known for its prime location and quality service, offers rooms starting at €62. 

Affordable luxury option

If you’re seeking a touch of luxury, the five-star Narutis Hotel is an excellent choice, with prices beginning at €155.

Cost of attractions and activities in Vilnius 

Cathedral tower in Vilnius

Attractions are fairly affordable in Vilnius, although there was a small cost to do most things. 

I began with a guided walking tour for €10; which I thought was an excellent way to delve into Vilnius’s rich history and vibrant culture

The tour covered key historical sites and neighbourhoods like Uzipus, Vilnius Cathedral and Literatai Street, which is dotted with plaques about Lithuanian books. 

I also visited the Museum of Occupation and Freedom Fights, housed in the former KGB office, for €6. 

This museum offers a sobering look at Lithuania’s Soviet and Nazi occupations, with exhibits like preserved prison cells and interrogation rooms.

For €6, I also visited the Museum of Jewish History, which gave me a profound understanding of the Jewish community’s significant role in Vilnius’s history and culture. 

The museum, through various artefacts and exhibits, narrates the story of the Jewish people in Lithuania, their contributions, and the tragedies they faced during the Holocaust.

There’s also a museum in Gediminas Tower, also priced at €6, which focuses on Lithuania’s medieval history.

For a bit of adventure, I headed to Liepkalnis for skiing, which cost me €33. 

This facility, surprisingly close to the city, offers well-maintained slopes suitable for various skill levels. 

Is the Vilnius Pass worth purchasing?

If you’re planning to cram in as many attractions as possible, the Vilnius Pass may be worth visiting; but be aware that you’re going to need to visit 3-5 paid-for attractions per day to make it worthwhile! I chose not to purchase it on my trip.

Click here for more information about the Vilnius Pass.

Food in Vilnius 

Lithuanian potato dumplings

Vilnius wasn’t a foodie trip for me, but I did enjoy some delicious local food. 

Vilnius has an excellent coffee culture – cafes serve tastily brewed coffee and all have oat milk. Coffees generally cost around €3 – €3.50. 

For lunch on the first day, I treated myself to a hearty meal of mulled wine and dumplings, a combination that cost €10.50. 

The dumplings, a staple in the region, were deliciously comforting, especially when paired with the warmth of the mulled wine! 

The Christmas market in Vilnius was a feast for the senses, and I couldn’t resist the allure of mulled wine for €4. 

The festive atmosphere, combined with the spiced, warm wine, really encapsulates the spirit of the season!

After spending all day in the cold I needed to warm up, so I and ordered a Wolt food delivery of ramen, which came to €14.99. 

Another day, for a quick and easy meal, I grabbed a sandwich and coffee for €7 from the local cafe “Caffeine”. 

My last meal was Georgian, at a fantastic restaurant called Cachapuri – here I savoured a bean stew and khinkali (Georgian dumplings) with a glass of red wine for €18.90; pricier than Georgian restaurants in Georgia, but I did have a glass of wine!

Cost of transport in Vilnius

Vilnius transport is fairly cheap – even if you need to rely on Bolt taxis, like I did! 

Bolt is akin to Uber, and it proved to be an economical and convenient mode of transport. 

My Bolt rides varied in cost: but were an average of €6. 

Each trip with Bolt was smooth and hassle-free; the taxis took on average five minutes to arrive. 

For intercity travel, I took the FlixBus from Warsaw to Vilnius.

 The night bus, priced at €22.99, was not only a budget-friendly choice but also a strategic one, as it saved me a night’s accommodation cost – although did mean, of course, that I was without a bed!

But, I chose to travel by night as an efficient way to utilize time; waking up to a new destination without losing a day. There is also a train from Warsaw to Vilnius, but it’s only in the day! 

Baggage storage cost me €3.50 at the bus station. 

Finally, the bus journey from Vilnius to Riga was €12, and took around four hours. 

Is Vilnius expensive for tourists?

Uzipus used to be dangerous but nowadays, it's very safe.

No, Vilnius is probably the cheapest Baltic capital (and it’s WAY more affordable than places like Helsinki). 

The city accommodates a wide range of budgets. 

Accommodation options vary, from budget-friendly hostels to luxurious hotels, each offering value for money. 

Dining in Vilnius is great for budget travellers (or those who want to nab a deal), with a variety of choices ranging from local street food to high-end restaurants, all priced reasonably. 

Attractions, too, are generally affordable, with many historical sites and museums offering insights into the city’s rich history at a modest fee.

How much is a pint of beer in Vilnius?

In Vilnius, the price of a pint of beer generally ranges between €2 to €4, depending on the establishment and the beer’s brand. 

The city’s pubs and bars offer a wide selection of both local and international beers, with plenty of craft breweries where you can enjoy a locally-made brew. 

Whether you’re enjoying a drink in a cosy, historical pub in the Old Town or a trendy bar in a more modern part of the city, the prices are quite reasonable! 

Is Lithuania cheap or expensive?

Lithuania, on the whole, is considered more affordable compared to many Western European countries. This affordability is reflected in various aspects of daily life and tourism. 

Accommodations, dining, public transportation, and cultural activities are generally priced lower than in many other parts of Europe. 

Of course, prices can vary depending on the region and the type of service or product, but overall, Lithuania offers good value for money.

Is Riga or Vilnius more expensive?

Riga and Vilnius are quite similar in expenses, but slight differences exist. 

Generally, Vilnius is slightly more affordable, especially regarding accommodations and dining. 

Both cities offer a range of options for different budgets, but Vilnius tends to have slightly lower prices for similar-quality services. However, the difference is not markedly significant.

Is Vilnius or Tallinn more expensive?

Comparing Vilnius and Tallinn, Tallinn tends to be slightly more expensive, particularly in terms of accommodations and dining. 

Tallinn, being a popular tourist destination, especially its well-preserved medieval Old Town, often commands higher prices. 

However, both cities offer a range of options to suit various budgets. 

While you might find yourself spending a bit more in Tallinn for similar quality services and experiences, the difference is generally not overly significant.

My partner found Tallinn to be quite a bit more when he visited the Baltics in 2016. However, on my recent 2023 trip, I didn’t notice so much of a difference. 

How much is a coffee in Vilnius?

A typical cup of coffee in Vilnius ranges from €1.5 to €3, depending on the café and the type of coffee you choose (my oat milk cappuccinos always come in at the more expensive end!). 

There are plenty of cosy cafes dotted around the city centre – pick one, choose your brew, and drink up!

So, what are the costs of travel in Vilnius? 

Hopefully, this blog post has helped you calculate your Vilnius travel budget! 

For more information about visiting this wonderful city, check out my travel vlog on YouTube.