Is Egypt worth visiting? Yes.. and no!

Claire standing in front of the pyramids of Giza which sit in the middle of a desert in Egypt

Is Egypt worth visiting? Here’s my completely honest opinion, after visiting Egypt four times.  Ancient pyramids rising sharply up into the sky, city centres brimming with a cacophony of horns, Red Sea beaches and the River Nile splitting the country in two; Egypt’s long been known as a traveller’s paradise.  But while Egypt has a […]

Top 10 UK hidden gems to add to your itinerary

Prehistoric standing rocks at a golden sunset in a field in Wiltshire, United Kingdom, nobody in the image

The UK might be small, but it’s packed full of history, culture and even wonderful nature!  While it’s a fairly popular country with international tourists, many only visit London. Staycations are becoming increasingly popular across the country – with glamping experiences and boutique hotels popping up everywhere from Exeter to Edinburgh – and there are […]

How to get to Las Vegas

cityscape of Las Vegas strip Aerial view in Nevada at night USA

This year, the planned high-speed train to connect LA and Las Vegas has hit the headlines, hoping to take travellers between the two cities in just 85 minutes. That said, this line is quite some way away, with the launch anticipated for at least 2027. With this in mind, flying and road tripping are the […]

Why visit Iceland? Top reasons to take a trip in 2024

sunset in Iceland

Why visit Iceland? This island nation, sitting in the midst of the North Atlantic, straddles two continental plates (Europe and North America).  What does this mean? The rugged landscape is dotted with volcanoes and crevices, and its subarctic climate lends to glaciers and mountains.  It’s easy to see and understand the best reasons to visit […]