central america

Positioned between North and South America, Central America is part of Latin America, but also a place distinctively its own. Apart from Belize, the whole area is Spanish-speaking, and spent a while in the 20th century grappling with different wars.

Some of Central America still has a reputation of violence, but most visits to these nations are hassle-free. And it’s an area of the world that’s well worth exploring – don’t miss its endless volcanoes, two coastlines (Caribbean and Pacific), tropical islands and colourful towns.


Guatemala borders Mexico, and is a popular spot on the Central America travel route.

While it does have beaches, these aren’t what make Guatemala most famous. Instead, travellers love its volcanoes, highlands, the gorgeous shores of Lake Atitlan, colourful cities and, of course, the legendary chicken buses.

Guatemala is a fun country to travel in and is relatively safe, as long as you take sensible precautions. It’s also a fantastic place to base for a while and take some Spanish lessons!

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