East Europe

Eastern Europe is brimming with history, culture, hearty and tasty food and very affordable prices – perfect for budget travellers or people seeking affordable luxury.

This area of Europe was Communist-ruled to varying degrees in the latter part of the 20th century. As a result, modern tourism has been slow to kick off here. But nowadays, lots of Eastern European cities are popular stops on Europe trips or excellent standalone destinations. 

Have a bath in Budapest, eat pierogi in Poland and explore castles in Romania. There’s so much history, culture, gastronomy and modernity to explore in these Eastern European nations. 


Poland is slowly gaining more of a well-deserved reputation for its wealth of tourist attractions, including charismatic cities and beautiful countryside. However, it’s easy to find authentic spots that are yet untouched by mass tourism. 

Cities like Krakow and Wroclaw already see their fair share of tourists, but the capital Warsaw and the northern metropolis of Gdansk still have an interrupted charm, with brightly coloured houses and the tantalising smells of delicious local food on every street corner.

In many ways, Poland is an ideal country to travel in. The infrastructure is good, tourism is encouraged and there are endless amounts of things to see and do.

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Romania is an ancient land full of legend and intrigue. You can explore this in the many castles and historical sites around the country, particuarly in the dramatic and legendary landscape of Transylvania – Dracula country. 

The capital, Bucharest, is modern and hip in places, although there are still reminders of its Communist past everywhere, most notably in the presidental palace building, which is the heaviest building in the world.

But Romania is a country that’s pushing into the future, and has so much to offer. From the beaches of the Black Sea to the back streets of Brasov, I’m sure you’ll love this country as much as I do! 

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Szentendre, Hungary - Aerial skyline view of Szentendre, the small and lovely riverside town in Pest County

Hungary is a small Central European nation with a vibrant capital city. In recent years, increasing amounts of travellers have realised that Budapest is a lot of fun. 

There are countless bars and clubs in buzzing Budapest, as well as the legendary baths. 

But you can’t visit Budapest – and Hungary as a whole – without learning about its history. This nation has been occupied by various different countries and cultures over the ages, molding the country into what it is today.

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