Fancy a chat?

If you’re wanting some advice about living and working in Australia, travelling in China or living in Mexico, or any other topic covered in my posts on this blog, I now offer personalised travel coaching sessions!

These entail:

  • A half an hour or one hour Skype call about your travel plans.
  • I will answer any questions you have about any topic covered by my posts on this blog, personalising my answers to your interests and needs.
  • A summary of the Skype call sent to you by email afterwards.

I can cover many topics, including:

  • Australia road trips
  • Working in Australia on a WHV
  • Solo Travel in China
  • Living in Mexico as a digital nomad
  • Travel in Mexico and Central America
  • Living in London, Bristol or Bath (from a local’s perspective)
  • Travel in South England

This service costs $30 for a half hour session or $50 for an hour.

If you have any questions about this service or would like to book a session, drop me an email on [email protected].

Peace and see you on Skype!