Less Touristy Places to Ski in Europe

Skiing in Europe is, for many, a bucket-list experience. Pair excellent snow conditions with wonderful culture, and you’ve got the recipe for an ideal skiing holiday. However, many people have an issue with skiing in Europe due to its tourist-ness, and its cost. However, there are plenty of less touristy places to ski in Europe, some which are incredibly budget-friendly.

Explore some areas that fail to make to the list of most skiers and snowboarders by visiting one of these on your ski holiday. Some people are reluctant to try these out; worrying that there won’t be enough to challenge more advanced skiiers, that resorts won’t be family friendly, and that these resorts won’t be the cheapest.

However, they couldn’t be more wrong.

Why not head for those less touristy skiing spots in Europe and shift the spotlight there? The only way to find out what is so special about them is to go and find out for yourself.

Less Touristy Places in the Alps

While many people favour a French Alps all-inclusive skiing holiday, it is possible to enjoy good value for money and great skiing elsewhere.

Millions of tourists arrive in the Alps every year to enjoy the snow and ski – so why not head for the lesser-known ski resorts to escape the crowds and ski on the quieter slopes of the Alps. Some of the crowd-free resorts on the alpine allow people to do things a little differently.

They are tucked away in remote areas and offer an unforgettable experience for the skiers. Crowd- free skiing means more time on the slopes and get enough time to practice to develop the right techniques of skiing.

By visiting ski resorts in other countries that share a part of the Alps, especially ones that don’t see so many tourists like Germany, Litchenstein and Monaco, you can enjoy plenty of skiing with lots of room to practice!


Borovets is the major resort in Bulgaria and is located on the Northern slopes of Rila Mountains. As it is a short drive from Sofia, it is easily accessible.

While Bulgaria may not boast of the polish of the famous Alps resorts, the skiing conditions are perfect and offer both challenging and not so challenging descents.

There are some major main ski resorts in Bulgaria as well as some less-developed ones. Pamporovo, Bansko, Malyovitsa, Dobrinishte, and Berkovitsa are other great regions for winter tourism in the country. The ski slopes are excellent and perfect for beginners to experts.


Ski holidays in Romania are a great option for those looking for less touristy places to ski in Europe, and some of the most popular spots include Maramures, Sighisoara, and Poiana Brasov.

If you crave for an off-the-beaten-path for skiing, Romania makes for the perfect choice. However, the advanced skiers may not find the Romanian slopes appropriate for them.

Still, one cannot ignore the local charm and reasonable prices in the less touristy areas, and families can have a great time here and enjoy a great time skiing and other activities. Along with skiing, enjoy amazing views of the mountains and do not miss the chance of skiing in an excellent location.


In early December, Spain gets its first snow and the mountains and valleys get covered. Spain’s ski resorts in regions like Baqueria in Catalan Pyrenees boast of excellent facilities.

Skiing enthusiasts can look forward to a wide range of exciting options at the ski resorts. There is excellent infrastructure and transport links, and this is what makes Spain’s ski holidays so special.

Other famous but lesser-known skiing locations and resorts are in the Aragón Pyrenees and the Sierra Nevada, in Andalucia. One can combine skiing with other outdoor activities here; remember to pack plenty of winter clothes and snow gear as you’ll be spending a lot of time outside! Beginners and experts all flock to these regions which are ideal for skiing.


Riksgransen in Sweden has lots to boast of, whether it is the bumper snowfall or northern lights or the midnight sun in May; and it also has the most northerly ski resort in the world.

Skiers are now taking an interest in less known snow-lashed Lapland, too. Skiers in Sweden can enjoy lesser crowds on the slopes and look forward to a great skiing experience.

Riksgransen boasts of an impressive snow record, and the ski area is modern and well equipped with the latest facilities. Excellent quality of slopes and certainty of snow make it a popular region for skiing.


Finland doesn’t have mountains, but it has a lot of hills that get plenty of snow every year. When it comes to a famous region for skiing in Finland, Ruka’s a top pick. The northern location and efficient snowing men’s that there is a slope here to meet every level.

There are gentle family slopes as well as challenging slopes for the experts. Ruka is easily accessible thanks to good travel connections; and once you get here, you’ll find yourself surrounded by incredible natural scenery and dozens of ski resorts and slopes among one of the largest ski areas in Europe.


Skiing remains a popular wintertime activity in Latvia, even though there are hardly any mountains. However, the terrain is perfect for cross-country skiing as well as snowboarding. Sigulda, the largest and youngest mountain in the country, is well famous for alpine skiing.

The quiet but vast region is attractive to all skiers, and it is a charming spot, even though a bit less touristy. The downhill ski slopes are well-equipped, and skiing equipment and ski instructors are easily available.


Otepää in Estonia may be relatively unknown internationally, but what makes it attractive are the crowd-free ski resorts with a more laid-back atmosphere.

It is a perfect region from families and couples seeking a quiet getaway to enjoy skiing. Winter in Estonia lasts for a long time, and the daylight hours are brief.

Otepää is a paradise for anyone who enjoys the snow. You can see the skiers and snowmobile riders enjoying cross-country skiing in the snow-covered forests and national parks of the country.


Enjoy the snow assuredness of Russia and without the crowds. The pistes are largely empty, and there are many untouched snowy playgrounds in the ski resorts here.

Lisya Gora is a famous region as it promises the best value for money as well as lots of opportunity for snow jumps. The in-resort facilities are cheaper, and the slopes are quieter in Russia. This makes it an excellent destination from beginners and intermediates.


Slovenia boasts of countless miles of snow-covered slopes and cross-country skiing tracks. You can enjoy a more extensive but cheaper skiing experience in the quiet country. Julian Alps is well famous for its great resorts, and excellent ski areas that are traffic-free and open can have the widest choice of runs.

So with a ski holiday in Slovenia, you can look forward to a skiing experience that caters to all levels and tastes. If you are seeking the best-value skiing in the Alps, then head for the picturesque ski resorts of Julian Alps.

Enjoy the unique terrain and take advantage of the generally uncrowded pistes and very affordable accommodation and lift passes.

Off The Beaten Track Skiing Destinations in Europe

Buckle into your boots, grab some skis and enjoy these less touristy ski destinations in Europe. You’ll save some money and escape the crowds at the same time!

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