How to Make Money While Travelling

You’ve heard people tell you all the time to do what you love. Well, what if doing what you love isn’t going to make you “any” money? That’s actually the problem many students face… trying to pick a subject that’s going to make them money. Maybe you have a passion for art but people tell you all the time that art isn’t going to make you any money. Well, why is that?

Just because you have a passion for something that society tells you isn’t going to make you any money, it doesn’t mean you have to settle for it. You can take your passion for doing what you love and make money with it! This is how so many people manage to make a career out of traveling!

Traveling and Earning as a Career Choice

When most people put the two words “travel” and “income” together, they automatically think of working in a travel-related industry as a career choice.

That’s definitely a way to earn a living traveling but that’s because traveling is part of the job requirement.

Pilots, cruise ship workers, and flight attendants all work in travel-related industries that pay them to travel but what if you didn’t want to travel because your job required it? What if you wanted to travel simply because it’s a passion of yours?

When traveling is a passion, you want to make it your top priority, not because you have to, but because you want to. In pursuing travel full-time, there are going to be some things you have to do and some changes you’ll have to make, and it all stems from money.

Ways to Make Money When Pursuing Travel Full- Time

As you probably know, it costs money to travel, and depending on where you’re traveling to, it can cost lots of money to go there. So, you have to have a financial plan in place to fund your travels. Your plans of how you’re going to generate income are what’s going to get you from island to island or country to country.

Not doing so can cause you anxiety, which can be more difficult to manage while traveling. So don’t stress yourself out over money when it’s completely preventable.

Because money is the key, you’re going to need money to start your travels and money to maintain your travels. So first things first… You’re going to need money to start your travels and the first thing you need to do is save for a year. Once you have your money to start your travels, you’re going to need to create multiple streams of income to maintain your travels.

Save Your Money For a Year

Before you can start on your full-time traveling adventures, you first need to have money to even begin. What better way to do that than to save your money? You want to at least give yourself a year to save.

Continue working your full-time job. You can even ask if any overtime hours are available. You can also look into some part-time jobs, whether it be you working at a restaurant or working in the mall, the general idea is to take the time out to aggressively work and save any extra money you make during the year before you start your travels.

According to, a lot of the ways you’re going to be able to save has to do with your personal spending habits. If you can avoid impulse buying, say no to “retail therapy,” and limit your triggers, you’ll be able to aggressively save the money you need for your travels and any other financial goals you may have.

Is this going to get exhausting? Yes. Are you going to want to give up on the idea of traveling full-time? Possibly. But will it be worth it? Absolutely. Working hard does get exhausting, especially when all the extra money you’re making has to go to your savings… but stick it out.

Before you know it, you’ll be on an island in the Philippines swimming in the turquoise blue waters.

Maintaining Your Travels

At this point, you’ve aggressively saved for an entire year and your hard work and dedication to saving has finally paid off… literally. And now you’re ready to hit the ground running to start your traveling adventures. While you’re on your adventures, here are some effective ways to earn a steady income while traveling the world.

Earn while on a beach!

Rent Your Home

Right before you head out on your traveling adventures. One of the best ways to generate a reliable source of monthly income is to rent your home out. Lots of people who make the decision to travel full-time will actually sell their home and just live off the lump sum for a few years…

You have that option but by renting your home out, you’re guaranteed to have money coming in every month without stressing over running out of money.

Build an Online Business

Building an online business is also a great way to generate a reliable source of monthly income to fund your travels.

The only difference with this earning potential that’s different from renting your house out is the fact that you don’t necessarily have to wait until you start your travels to do this… You can build and host your website on a site like Shopify, and start accepting orders while you’re in the saving phase of making money to start your travels.

By the time you actually head out for your traveling adventures, you’ll already have loyal customers who continuously support your business.

Seek Remote Work

Typically, when you make the decision to travel full-time, that means that you have to quit your full-time job. But if you work in an industry that utilizes telecommunications, you might have the opportunity to keep your full-time job and just work remotely.

For instance, call center jobs have plenty of remote work opportunities. And that applies to any industry, whether it’s insurance, banking, teaching English with these online TEFL certificates or information technology… As long as you have access to the internet, a laptop, and a phone, you can work remotely from anywhere.

Check with your human resources department to see what remote work opportunities are available for you.