11018570_10152794426806976_2085228661239749563_nI’m trying to save the world… I just keep falling over in the process

My names Claire and I’m hardly a role model. 

I fall over at least three times a day. I don’t trust myself with nice things because ‘I’ll only break them’. I’ve got a track record of ending up in foreign hospitals.

broken arm

I should really be wrapped in bubble wrap and be confined to one (very empty) room, not gallivanting halfway across the world. 

But where’s the fun in that? 

I’m obsessed with the world. I spend a large amount of my free time looking at maps. All I want to do is travel – and I know that I can’t let anything, not even a ridiculous dose of clumsiness and a tendency to get ill right at the worst possible moment, get in the way of that.


This little part of the internet is all about myself trying to navigate the world in as eco-friendly and productive a way as possible. I write about how to use travel to improve both yourself and the world, while recognising that nobody is perfect and we all slip up sometimes (myself quite literally… a lot of the time).

I use travel as a source of constant education, fascinated by the history and culture of everywhere I visit – whether it be Bradford-on-Avon (tiny town in Wiltshire, UK) or Xela (a remote Guatemalan city that nobody has ever heard of). I’m also trying to explore the world in a sustainable manner, so you’ll see lots of posts here about travelling responsibly (through overlanding, eating vegetarian where possible and shopping and eating locally). When I’m not writing, I’m running or reading, and there’s a few posts related to travel books or runs I’ve done around the world as well.

half marathon 2

Basically, I want this blog to be a place to give you some inspiration to use travel to become the best self you can be.

Of course, no trip comes without difficulties and lows – especially when you’re as much of a klutz as I. Fortunately, they more often than not end up in a hilarious story! Follow me as I try to navigate the world while helping the environment, other people, and myself. I might stumble a little along the way, but I promise it’ll be worth the journey!

yoga forest 7

So who is Claire?

I’m a vb23 year old girl from South London who has been living in South West England for the last five years. I’ve always been mad on travelling – when I was a child I was always more concerned about where we were going next rather than having the newest toy or gadget, and I was lucky enough to get to go to some pretty amazing places. I spent a lot of time in Dubai and Mexico when I was younger, and experiencing these cultures made me realise how important it was to travel, meet people and see the world around you. I came to the terms that staying still just wasn’t an option for me.

I haven’t changed much – still spending all my money on travelling, and all my university holidays were spent travelling to somewhere new. I went on trips to Cyprus, Croatia and Slovenia, Central America, and then spent a whole summer in Guatemala. Guatemala was my first proper solo trip and was the one that made me realise that a life of travel may just be the right path for me.

In July 2016, I will be taking off to China for seven weeks and then to Australia, where I will be living and working for a while. After that… who knows? Wherever my itchy feet take me!

I’ve always wanted to explore the globe and record my journey for others, and this blog is my way of doing so. Also see my portfolio page for examples of my externally published work.

For starters, check out my top two posts: Ten Things Guatemala Does Best, and Maybe I Lack Fulfilment, But I Travel To Be The Best I Can Be.  Or check out my Central American archives to read all about my favourite region of the world, or take a peek at my South West England section for posts about the place that I’ve been living in for the last four years!

I hope you enjoy the blog and please get in contact if you have any more questions. And don’t forget to follow me on facebook and twitter!

Thanks for reading!




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