Cleanse your mind, body and soul in Quetzaltenango

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It’s not all eggs and beans: the expat community in Xela has resulted in quite a few health conscious shops and businesses popping up- perfect for if the travelling has made you feel a little groggy and you need to refresh. Here’s the best options I’ve found:

1) Frutopia


AMAZING smoothies and juices. These are all made fresh on the premises and cost 15-20Q each, depending on what you have in it. And what a selection… You can either choose a staple such as banana, pineapple or strawberry or be more adventurous and add spinach, cucumber or ginger or choose a veggie juice. The staff are very accommodating and will often add another fruit for free. You can also add a variety of health supplements as extras. And if you’re in town for a while, don’t forget to ask about their loyalty card!

2) Mandarina

Just a few doors down from Frutopia, near the Parque Central, Mandarina is a haven of all things vegan and gluten free. Their gluten free chocolate brownie (while maybe not the healthiest) is among the best I’ve ever tasted, and they do an amazing banana bread that is not only gluten free but sugar free too. Their salads are also organic and delicious.

3) La Esquina Asiateca

Also in the vegan cuisine market is La Esquina Asiateca, located in 9a calle, two blocks from the Parque Central. While they do offer some meat dishes, delicious vegetable curries and Asian salads dominate their menu. Every last Saturday of the month is an all you can eat buffet from 12:15-15:00: a perfect opportunity to eat as many tofu dumplings as possible!

4) Mercado Minerva (or any other fruit market, for that matter)

Of course, rather than purchase ready made dishes, you could just DIY for a fraction of the price. All the large markets in Xela sell fruit for crazy cheap prices: 20 lychees for 5Q (about 45p) or a whole pineapple for 3.50Q (just over 30p). It’s best to wash, and in some cases disinfect, these fruits but they’re all the more delicious for the low price tag.

5) Casa de Yoga

After all this clean eating, you might want to cleanse your soul too. Look no further than Casa de Yoga- a delightful yoga house that offers 4 classes a day for ranging levels. The classes are very professional and the rates extremely reasonable- 125Q for a month’s membership, 50Q for a week or 20Q for a single class.

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